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  1. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Order: 10027xxx Accepted: 2 July 20 Rapid Red Premium AWD ER USA (FL)
  2. Can not get past Deposit screen when ordering

    Everything has been fixed and I am now in the “Order Sent to Dealer” club. There was some technical glitch that affected 15 dealerships and mine was one of the lucky ones. I don’t feel left out of the excitement anymore. Lol
  3. Can not get past Deposit screen when ordering

    I stopped by the dealership on the way home and was told “there is a glitch in the system” and no one that has reservations with that dealership can convert to Orders. The owner also has a reservation, and he is stuck like me. They made a call into corporate Ford to try and figure it out, and...
  4. Can not get past Deposit screen when ordering

    I’ve called the 800 number, and they weren’t able to help. They said see the dealership. While my dealership is fine, they said no ADM, and will honor the X-Plan if it comes listed on the invoice, I don’t think they are on the ball with the Mach-E. Do they have to set something up on their...
  5. Can not get past Deposit screen when ordering

    I'm trying to finalize my order for my Premium, and am stuck in a loop. I scrolled to the bottom, Continued to Payment, agreed and accepted, selected my card, agree, hit the blue Pay button, it spins on Initializing, then takes me back to the Order page. I've tried using a MasterCard, and a...
  6. ECP Plus

    I just stopped by my Ford dealer to see what kind of exterior/interior protection they offer, and was told it’s ECP Plus. Anybody have any experience with it?
  7. AWD vs RWD in the South

    Thanks for all the replies and advice. I’m leaning more towards the AWD now. Now for the ordering process to start. My next decision is interior color, which is a harder decision. Lol.
  8. AWD vs RWD in the South

    I guess I’ll be the one to start a thread in the regional SE forum. My reservation is for a Premium ER RWD. Lately I’ve been considering if I should change to to AWD when it comes time to order. My current vehicle is a Chevy Volt which is FWD. I’ve never had an issue with it. I also have...
  9. Best Practice for battery preservation

    IMO, I don’t want to make it a daily routine to think for the car about charging. This is a high tech, expensive vehicle It should do it without my intervention. The percentages presented to us as drivers should take into account any buffers built in. All the magic should occur “behind the...
  10. Which Battery and Powertrain Did You Reserve?

    I’m coming from a Chevy Volt, so the most range is what I’m after. Went with ER and RWD. I’m in Central Florida so don’t have to much need for AWD.