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    Should I Buy This Used Mach-E?

    Offense taken to your generalization about professors?
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    Charging port door - flimsy or solid?

    Solid to me. Similar to the one on my Bolt. Seems similar to standard gas cover. It was very annoying with my Leaf to need to release from inside. I am happy to risk the very small chance someone will mess with it to avoid the regular inconvenience.
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    Hands on the wheel... always with cruise engaged?

    There is a big difference between lane keeping and lane centering. Are you talking about keeping or centering?
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    How long to get that predicted 270 mile range?

    This time of year, getting over 270 is very easy. Here are some numbers. “Trip 1” is the distance I have driven since full charge. 18% remaining. 3.7 miles/kWh. do the math. This was 75% around town and 25% at highway speeds. I just fully charged again and the GOM now says 298 miles...
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    Dash cam

    19? Really?
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    Mach-E AWD vs Tesla Model 3 AWD vs XXXX ?

    You just ordered my car. I have had mine almost three months and am loving it. Perhaps I am just lucky but mine has excellent build quality and it works very well! My only complaint is that the ride is a bit stiffer than I would prefer but that would not have been better with the Tesla. Yes...
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    MME RWD ER getting amazing 328+ miles range!

    For the last 600 miles (80% city/20% highway) I have averaged 3.9 miles/kWh. Have not run charge down to lower than 20% charge but had traveled 276 miles on the last 100% charge when it got to 20% remaining. Mine is AWD ER. This is in Wisconsin where we are now averaging highs of 50-65...
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    Key Fobs not available?

    I used a local certified auto locksmith that was recommended by from which I bought my two extra fobs. He had to use his OEM box from Ford and the official software he was certified to use. He charged me $100 total to program two fobs. Apparently, the certification...
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    Anyone have a recommendation for a good iPhone case that wont interfere with wireless charging in the car

    I have the Apple silicone case on my iPhone 12 Pro and the charging works fine. I prefer the silicone over the plastic cases because the silicone is less slippery.
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    OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    The FordPass app developers have an over/under bet going on how many people will post in a 24 hour period that they did not get the update. The over bet won last time.
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    A Gem From Wisconsin - What A Deal!

    I actually bought my Bolt in Oregon and had it shipped to Madison, Wisconsin. That was when the Bolt first came out and well before they were available in the Midwest. I think I paid under $800 to have it shipped from Oregon to Wisconsin. The dealer in Oregon arranged everything for me and we...
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    Over 270 mile range on FE AWD withe extended battery

    Now that weather is nicer here in Wisconsin, my AWD ER range went up. I am talking actual driving range, not GOM range. Last week, I charged to 100% and averaged 3.7 miles/kWh for 302 miles of driving on that charge. I recharged at that point even though the GOM thought I had 22 miles left...
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    Free Charging on Earth Day (4/22) at Electrify America charging stations

    Ah, but won't your dealer give it back to you 100% charged?
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    A Gem From Wisconsin - What A Deal!

    Not sure where you are in Wisconsin but, if anywhere near Madison, you might want to check with Middleton Ford. My salesman there (Geoff Boyer) does not charge ADM and honors X-Plan pricing. Not sure if he has any Mach-Es available right now but he has had a couple in recent weeks.
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    Don't open if your faint of heart... Mach-E Crash

    Has anybody actually seen the actual accident report? The amount of speculation about the crash is interesting to read but the thread seems to be falling into the trap of "If it is said enough times, it becomes believable and then becomes 'must be true.'" For example, it seems to be assumed by...