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  1. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    Thank you. I appreciate the time you've taken to respond to my questions.
  2. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    Thank you. One last question: is there a "standard" for the configuration of the plug that goes in the car; or in other words, will the Mach E work with the Clipper or other brands of chargers? (I understand the Tesla plug is not the same...)
  3. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    Whatstreet, I am a newby r.e. Electric Vehicles...... Not sure what this means:" You can pair or set an EVSE for the capability of the circuit it is wired to. A 60A line is really heavy, gauge 6. Not handy by any means. " And here: In my area it is difficult to get them to go more than a 50A...
  4. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    I would like to get some information on the Ford Connected Charge Station mentioned in media pieces that were published in mid-October…/ford-introduces-north-americas-lar… This 48 amp station is intended for installation in home garages, but I can’t find out who makes it...