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  1. "Ford Options" payment option

    But it does mean the payments will be high.
  2. Tesla vs Mach E

    The ADAS system in the Mach E is from Mobileye. Look at this video: Why Israel’s Mobileye Is Winning the Self-Driving Race - YouTube.
  3. Tesla vs Mach E

    I seem to remember reading about somebody having to restart their Tesla on a test drive.
  4. "Ford Options" payment option

    That is a steep depreciation curve. I wonder if Ford will offset that with a low interest rate.
  5. "Ford Options" payment option

    Probably because they have no idea what the residual value will be. I assume that they will set the residual value as low as possible to minimize their risk, which will mean higher monthly payments. I just wonder if they plan on charging that $450 disposal fee even if you plan to pay off the...
  6. Build our cars first!

    Our members are all Mach E evangelists, I think it would be in Ford's best interests to deliver our cars first because we will actively work to show the world what great cars they are!
  7. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Now if they just offered an electric Bronco.
  8. What is tinted clearcoat

    While I am eager to get my MME. I must admit that the standard colors are boring. The decent colors cost an additional $400-$600. These colors are described with additional adjectives loke tinted clearcoat and tri-coat. (Perhaps to justify the additional expense?) I was wondering if these...
  9. Contrasting analysis of self-driving technology

    I just came across the following two videos by the same guy on two different channels. The first (on a Tesla fanboy channel) argues that nobody can compete with Tesla's self-driving technology. The second, on a related market analysis channel, he argues that Mobileye, (the technology used in the...
  10. What About Ceramic Coating?

    On a related note, do you have to do anything special before you run a Mach E through a car wash?
  11. Forbes MME vs Y

    Take what Munro says with a grain of salt. His entire business model is based on getting competitors to purchase reports with six figure price tags. He needs to make other manufacturers fell that they have to purchase updated reports so he will over emphasize differences between models.
  12. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I agree, if Ford were like Tesla we would all have our cars now and be complaining that the bumpers started falling off whenever the car got wet. I would rather wait and have a quality product.
  13. Tesla vs Mach E

    Is it true that Tesla FSD does not transfer to a new owner when you sell the car?
  14. This video was just too cute.

  15. Information on real-world Mach E range

    That is how I would drive it.