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    Update on UK Delivery

    We received the same today. With all that’s going on me are ok with the delay
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    Just received Ford email confirming Mach-E Pre-Order Successfully Loaded!!!

    Our order was placed at the Go electric event in London in February.
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    Trunk/Boot Dimensions for dog crate

    Planning ahead for the dog crate for transporting our growing Pomsky (3/4 Husky) puppy. Wondering if anyone has the trunk dimensions. She will be going taken to work most days so will need a comfortable crate for the journey.
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    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    UK Order Pre Order Number 10036131 Rapid Red AWD Extended Range 16 Feb 2020
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    Update on UK Delivery

    Not First Edition as they told us its all sold out. AWD Extended Range in Rapid Red. Dealing with the Area Sales Manager who said he expected we would take delivery some time in November 2020
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    Update on UK Delivery

    We ordered our Mach e this weekend at the Ford Event in London. Sales manager said we should expect delivery in November and test drive would be available at dealer in October, so lets see.