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    Locked out of my Mach E.

    My Clarity is the same way. I can walk up to the locked car, open the trunk, then shut it, and the rest of the doors remain locked. It only unlocks the trunk. It senses my key fob and my hand on the handle to unlock. When I open a front door this way, everything unlocks. I can't just open a rear...
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    What tires are cars arriving with

    Yes, I see the 225 crossclimate2 is substantially lower, thank you for pointing that out. I feel good about the 235s at 2039 lbs. Michelin Primacy A/S 225/55R19 103H EXTRA LOAD 1929 lbs The 225/55R19 CC2s 99H 1709 lbs CROSSCLIMATE2 - SIZE: 235/55R19 105H XL 2039 lbs
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    What tires are cars arriving with

    Hi, maybe I could have worded it better, slightly less range loss - less range loss than the wider 235/55 - so the better tire in the same size vs the better tire in a wider size. In other words the 235 CC2 would have more loss than a 225 CC2, which would have more loss than the 225 Primacy...
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    What tires are cars arriving with

    The 225/55 R19 version would probably have slightly less range loss due to being more narrow so less wind resistance.
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    Noise Level (dBA Decibels) in Mach-E Interior With Comparison to Model Y

    As mentioned above somewhere, the type of road surface will change the tire noise. New asphalt would be the quietest and older concrete the loudest, so for apples to apples comparison the tests need to be on the same type of surface.
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    What tires are cars arriving with

    It will reduce range as these are not low rolling resistance. If you have mostly dryer warmer conditions in your area, this might not be a good idea. Typically this type of change would reduce the range by 10% or possibly more. That is a trade off that I am willing to take for better handling...
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    What tires are cars arriving with

    I am planning to replace my tires with the Michelin CrossClimate2 in 235/55 R19 105H. Both Discount Tire and Tirerack say that 235 on a 7 inch wheel is fine. Discount Tire is offering me $40 per tire for my Primacies. These tires change 60mph to 60.7mph. Michelin CrossClimate2 | 235/55R19...
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    Pacific Northwest Deliveries Begin--White Select Available

    I reserved a premium on 1/1/20, I paid a $500 deposit. When I converted that to an order on 7/7, the system wanted a $1000 deposit, which I paid by credit card, and my $500 deposit from the reservation was credited back. When I did the Mach drop order there was no deposit. When I allowed my...
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    Pacific Northwest Deliveries Begin--White Select Available

    My dealer found a $500 incentive, on my preliminary paperwork it just says "rebate". Not exactly irresistible though.
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    WeatherTech Floor Liners for MME

    I have tuxmat in my Clarity. They cover every square inch of the floor, they do not move, and I am able to clean them with a damp cloth. The downside is that if I wanted to take them out to clean them, it would be substantially more work than taking out a weathertech mat. I do recommend them...
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    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Dealer VV shows my car still at the factory, but it was delivered to the KC BNSF ramp 15 days ago. palsapp still just shows that it was delivered and nothing else. The tracking is non-existent but cars still keep appearing, so I think you can safely assume it will get there.
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    Pacific Northwest Deliveries Begin--White Select Available

    I stopped by Orillia today, I saw a GB FE and a RR Premium. My cell phone pictures are not worth posting, but I could see them clearly enough with binoculars to see the black wheel moldings on the RR MME, so not my RR FE. 14 days from KC today.
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    Dash Cams

    I'm thinking about getting a Dash Cam for my MME, I'm debating between the Thinkware U1000 4K 2CH, and the Blackvue DR900X 4K 2CH. I have the Blackvue 750 2CH in my Clarity, I have been happy with it, but the cost of taking it out to move it to my new car is a significant chunk of the cost of...
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    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    For the pony on the front, did they 1) cut around it? 2) cover it? 3) remove it and put it back over the film?
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    Dealer Lost Vehicle Visibility of Mach_E's

    My sales rep used to be a sales manager before covid, he says he had access then but not now, he has to go to his sales manager to get it. When I was in there the other day, I asked for an updated report (there was no change, still at the factory) and it took him about three minutes to go in...