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    Update to financing options?

    Wow, the lease pricing on the new Audi Sportback does look pretty impressive. Seems worth at least taking a test drive. Getting a $72,000 car for less money then my Mach E order is worth the time. I like the towing ability too. Just not sure it is worth that range loss.
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    2022 Chevy Bolt EUV teased: Does revised interface bridge the gap to future EVs?

    I don't mind the looks of the Bolt at all. I like that it is a small car, which is not very available in the US any more. Admittedly, we all conceded as a family that our Leaf was ugly and that's ok. We named her Hippy which is quite apt to her dimensions.
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    Charging in the rain / wet - any electrocution risk?

    No worries! I charge our Leaf in rain, snow, sleet. The way it works is that the charger and car have to exchange via the two small pins before the 400 volt current is sent. That large relay can be heard closing a bit after the connection is made. Before that, it is just a low voltage signal...
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    CNBC Feature: Why Ford is risking the Mustang to take on Tesla

    As someone who owned an 87 Mustang with the 4 banger in it, I think this is much less of a "risk" to the brand.
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    Ford Vehicle Order Tracking

    Works for my VIN, but it is out of date compared to my login version.
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    Mileage for Extended Range Mach-E Models Revealed in EPA Emissions Certifications

    Interesting, thanks for posting! The rated motor power is odd too. It adds up to 258 on the AWD. I would think rated power would be the true stamped label. If those numbers pan out, I wonder what cancellations would look like. Also wonder if they can play any games with the numbers like...
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    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Smiles, come on, we don't do that. I'm requesting a recount on my date. Can you do that in Mexico :) Seriously, very exciting times. Thanks for all that you share and keep us involved with.
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    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Next batch going out, just got my e-mail. January 18th
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    240 Volt Charger in old Oven Circuit Breaker

    So just for some anecdotal evidence. I have a 200amp panel and my current EVSE lives on a 40amp breaker. My home energy meter shows about a 30 amp usage when the Leaf charges overnight. Fortunately for most of us, our cars will charge opposite our peak usage. I didn't pay attention last...
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    Thursday Order Scheduled

    Heard back from my dealer after another prod. No news. Also emailed retail orders, that was fun. They said I have an order and I will receive an email when it is delivered. Guess I have a wait then :)
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    Thursday Order Scheduled

    I reached out to my dealer this morning. He is always super fast at replying (5 minutes or less). The last three weeks have been the same reply, I'll check our system and get right back with you. Not sure what right back means, but it must be different to him since there is never another peep :)
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    Is this a camera?

    No insight here, but I wonder if it isn't a sensor to light up the numbers when a hand comes close.
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    Getting Ready - Electric in House

    No personal experience here, but I know on some forums people talk about the Dryer Buddy:
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    Mach-E Hands-Free Active Drive Assist PRICING Announced, OTA Update Available in Q3 2021

    I'm very happy with the pricing and would have no problem with it ending up being $200/year. Take the money and pour it into development and mapping additional areas. If you want it, subscribe, if not....
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    Ford stock going up

    I imagine it would be a much better stock right now if not for the implications of the greater market. Several stocks I am watching turned in earnings well beating estimates and are flat to down. Market is struggling.