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  1. Active Drive Assist will cost $1,400 (says Autoline Daily)

    In the US it is called 'Active Drive Assist Prep Kit' with the following text: "Active Drive Assist functionality expected 3rd quarter 2021CY. Separate payment for feature software required to activate full functionality at that time." According to our configurator and pricelist it seems that...
  2. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Ford seems to really like the Netherlands, this is the third time this year they are coming to us :cool:. (And fourth including the commercial-shoot.)
  3. Polestar or MME?

    Note that the P2 has 470km and MME SR RWD ~450km range, so almost the same. The AWD and extra performance aren't really necessary in the Netherlands. However it can be nice at the trafficlights ;) I felt that difference in heigth and length especially in the backseats. Also because of the...
  4. Polestar or MME?

    I really liked the design of the Polestar, but I was even more impressed when I saw the Mustang in real person. I sat in both and the Ford feels much more spaciousness. It's like a sedan inside the Polestar, while the Mustang feels like an suv. I weren't very impressed by the vegan...
  5. Mach-E First Edition Ride Along Review and Q&A from Site Member/Enthusiast

    I didn't post questions, because there were so many already. But thank you for giving us this sneak peek and all the answers, we appreciate it a lot! It has been an excellent week overall, with lots of new details and inside information :D
  6. Delivery date of the first “First Edition"

    I'll stay close to this one: 12/2/2020 1422 CST
  7. Set up MME before delivery?

    See my thread for the press release:’s-personal-now-your-car-learns-what-you-like-–-tech-suggests-when-to-call-your-mum-or-hit-the-gym.1348/
  8. Ford Demonstrates Mach-E's Pre-Delivery Remote Vehicle Setup and Machine Learning Personalization Capabilities

    Interesting press release today from Ford Europe with a lot of information about SYNC 4 and the FordPass-app. Also a 30 minute YouTube-video which seems to be the stream the United Kingdom was informed about per e-mail. THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL: NOW YOUR CAR LEARNS WHAT YOU LIKE – TECH...
  9. Interior glamour shots

    I immediatly recoqnized the scenary, because my wallpaper has these buildings (with Mach-E offcourse). These pictures are from the presskit made when the European press could ride it on the streets of London around January/February. So this is a prototype and it explains the temperature...
  10. Ford Mach E commercial

    This commercial run on television in the Netherlands quite a long time a go. It seems to be the European commercial, with only different language per country. The new shoot here was fairly short ago. And my guess is they wait with the new commercial untill they know more for Europe.
  11. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    My dealer is Poll in Hilversum (probably one of the nearest Mach-E dealers for Utrecht) and I must say they handle things nicely. I have one contactperson since ordering in November and he answers e-mails friendly within a day.
  12. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Een kentekenplaat waarvan de letters scherper zijn en meer uitsteken, doordat ze er los opgezet zijn. Bij standaard kentekenplaten zijn de tekens gewoon in het metaal gestanst.
  13. Vista & Orbit ID

    First: I have been following this forum daily, thanks to the (inside) information and enthusiasm of the members here. I really enjoy reading it, as the day of driving these Mustang’s is coming closer. But now it is time to not only lurk, but also contribute! In May my dealer asked to confirm...
  14. In Production?

    At least you are at step 2 of 5. In the Netherlands there are even 8 steps and since november I am at step 1.