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    This is real, physical IONIQ 5 not a CGI – 2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 reviewed!

    I don't care for the lines on the sides. Very futuristic looking but it just doesn't talk to me.
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    A first? Hit and Run!!!!

    Man that sucks....however, if residents only there is a vehicle in that garage with damage to it. We keep our RV in storage and it was hit. Left streaks of black paint. Looked around and found a utility trailer with damage and deep scratches on the black paint. Luckily there are functioning...
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    Weird plastic trim issue (sticky)

    Spray on some Goo Gone and Wipe it off. May take a little rubbing but will not hurt plastic or paint. That is what I used on my truck to remove some tape/adhesive that was left from shipping. It will also remove sap.
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    HowTo - purchase and program a 2nd Key Fob - ASKING

    I bought the second FOB from the above website. Received it in three days. All the serial numbers match so it is an identical FOB to what owners are getting. I hope to be able to get the dealer to program for free when my MME arrives since PAAK is a non-starter. I do have a local locksmith...
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    When Does the car wake up

    I wonder how like on emergency services like OnStar if you have an accident or hit the 911 button they can locate the car....Looks like you should be able to locate your on car in a similar manner....Like tracking your teenager via their cell phone.
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    When Does the car wake up

    Yea, I thought the delivery date was on the early side by about three weeks. Can always hope they are getting the snafu's out of the process.
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    Kyle’s 0-100% DC Fast Charging (DCFC) Test: Mach-E Extended Range AWD

    So the question is why the Audi Etron can stay at 150kw/hr and the charging curve for MME is so much more conservative. Is this the Ford engineers gathering data first before loosening up the curve via an over OTA update or will will be stuck with this. That drop at 80% really sucks. On a...
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    Lost 4% Battery Without Driving

    I am very leery about leaving the car plugged in to the charger when not charging. Here in the south we get a lot of thunderstorms. It would be one thing to have a power surge fry the charger but would not want a power surge to actually reach the vehicle. I am not sure what type of surge...
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    When Does the car wake up

    So, our MME is being "born" in the next couple of days since it started production last week. When does the car actually "wake up" electronically where you can communicate with it via the Ford phone application. I was trying to find out if there was a "track my car" part of the application...
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    AoA Mach-E Road Trip: SF to LA to SF

    IF all he ate was a greasy Burrito how many stops did he have to take to ease his uh...gastric distress at a rest stop? Maybe he found some bushes to take care of that while MME was fast charging.
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    75 Mach-E's recalled due to loose bolts in subframe

    Unless they were tightened to say......160 Inch-lbs vice 160 ft-lbs...........The glass is always half empty....."Well, I couldn't find my regular torque wrench so I just got another one. What did you expect me to do boss? Hold up the assembly line?"
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    Drove down to 0% battery

    There is a lower battery buffer to protect the car from humans.
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    Bluetooth - Two Device Capability?

    Uh..pardon my asking.....Why do you carry two phones???? And How? One belt pouch is enough for me.
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    Range HOPE!

    So the big thing is....what is your miles/kwh?
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    Order Tracking is Broken?

    The Shop.Ford site is working for me. The Link/App on this forum says cannot find VIN so is now broke. My MME is in production this week and they are showing a estimated delivery on 4/8/21. That is only a 4 week delivery time. Unless the process has really sped up I don't see that happening...