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    For those with mileage/battery capacity concerns

    We are driving from Blairsville, GA to Gatlinburg, TN tomorrow. Our car is still showing the 308 miles range. Will be interesting to watch. The drive involves some steep climbs up the mountains and then of course the opposite coming home. Weather is supposed to be clear and in the mid 70's...
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    For those with mileage/battery capacity concerns

    I know there have been multiple members that have expressed concern or disappointment with their range. We have had our AWD ER Premium for about two months now. We reset driving history when we left the dealer. Every time we charge the car the estimated mileage goes up. Today, with ambient...
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    This forum is giving me cold feet…

    Have had ours for two months with no problems and no complaints.....well.. it could have been free....Absolutely love the car. This is our third EV after a Bolt and a Leaf.
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    A Bird Has Attacked my MME!

    Set a plastic owl on your car. We have a male bluebird that fights his reflection in my shop window every morning. To keep him from killing himself I put one of those plastic owl's hanging from gutter and he never came back.
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    Full charge on battery is less than expected

    We have a Premium AWD ER. Everytime we charge it the estimate goes up. At last charge it was 297 miles estimated. We have driven 300 miles locally and still had 9% charge left. (That is local small town driving with no highway or speeds greater than 55mph.)
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    Door Rattle

    I have developed a very annoying door rattle on left rear door. Going to have to remove door panel to investigate and wondering if the Mach-E door panels are put on the same as most other cars. I don't want to cause any damage. I do have extra clips if any break but wondering if there are any...
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    Chrome Wrapped Mach E

    First time someone has an accident they will blame it on being blinded by sun reflection from the car. Big time liability. Showed this to my lawyer neighbor and he just shook his head and said the guy is going to have big issues with liability.
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    2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E on BD-F18 Wheels

    I hate black wheels...matter of opinion though. I am curious about wheel well clearance in the front. If you hit a speed bump or something else in road while turning it looks like the tire could rub the wheel well.
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    Insane charging noise

    We charge on a 32 amp charger. The car's cooling fans do come on from time to time and make some noise, but nothing like that in the video. Most of the time there is just a slight hum and you cannot even hear the fans.
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    Ford lots are empty!

    Is true at all dealers across the nation. The shortage of MIcroprocessors is hitting industry hard. I bought a used two year old truck a year ago and the latest prices indicate it is worth 4K more than what I paid for it. Rare for a vehicle to appreciate in value rather than depreciate....not...
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    Got my first electric bill.... share yours

    In Rural Georgia we get power from EMC. There is no off peak plan. We pay 9.2 cents/kwh which is some of the lowest in the country. Our garage is ideally situated for solar cells and I would love to install but it would take forever to break even at that rate. Last month (April) our electric...
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    Anyone received Manufacturers (Ford) Certification of $7500 tax credit?

    Beg to differ but this is our third EV and we have never received this from dealer. We were told by Nissan dealer where we bought the vehicle that caused us to get audited that IRS sends this to Corporation regarding that dealer typed and not to individual dealers. Therefore they did not and...
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    Anyone received Manufacturers (Ford) Certification of $7500 tax credit?

    Ok guys, listen up. We got audited over our 2019 taxes because of claiming the 2019 tax credit for our Nissan Leaf. They came back and asked for the manufactures tax credit form and a copy of the sales contract. Evidently there is/was a credible amount of fraud using the tax credit. We were...
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    What's Your ONE THING for Ford to Improve?

    Customizable Driver Display and wider wheels.