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    How often to charge

    Congratulations, I love my rapid red also, 10 months of amazing driving. And converted several tesla owners to the MME. All below are right as regards charging
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    It's Official, Drivers Education is now Offered with a Mach-E !!

    Fantastic. Just think, learn to drive in electric and you will never want an uce car. My mother was a driving instructor in the UK, and 90 percent of her pupils bought a mini, because they learned to drive in one
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    Vacation mode

    Enjoy your trip, I would suggest 80 per cent max charge. We left ours for a month, upon return 78 percent and all just fine. No issues. 2021 extended range 4wd
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    Anyone else experiencing any EV hate after getting your Mach E?

    Always positive, and we live in big truck area!
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    Dealership attempted markup and then sold my reserved MachE to someone else in under 48 hours

    That is disgusting. Trust Ford will do the right thing. Hopefully local news at a minimum picks this up.
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    Surprised by the lack of MME sightings in PNW

    Awesome, welcome to the family, soon. Yes it has worked for me on hwy 22. Had Lola for almost 8 months and love it. Look forward to seeing you around
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    Surprised by the lack of MME sightings in PNW

    Live in Turner, we have 6 in the Salem area picked up when I got mine in February, seeing a good few more recently
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    Would you have ordered the Mach E if there was no Tax Credit available?

    Have to honestly say no, I was committed to move to an EV, I look at the credit as a bonus, it did not affect my choice of the Mach E, over any other comparable EV.
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    Portland Area Ford Dealers

    Awesome, loving the car as I know you will. The wait is totally worth it.
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    Portland Area Ford Dealers

    Hi Matt, welcome to the forum. Skyline Ford, Salem, ask to speak to Francisco Arias in Sales, and Vee in customer relations. Awesome dealer, no ADM, grwat service all round. 503 580 4721. Worth the drive. I have premium add extended range, picked up 1 Feb. They had 6 happy mme customers...
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    Camping Overnight in the Mach-E -- an owner's experience

    Awesome, thanks for sharing, who's next?