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    🤦🏻‍♂️ Really!?

    The creator of that petition actually writes for a website (probably his own) and has put out multiple articles bashing the Mach E. His most recent article about the May 11th order date he states an inside source told him only 10k have actually been reserved. He does his best to take digs about...
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    Bronco Colors Similar But More

    The wife would love the Mach E in Cyber Orange Pearl.
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    Reservation to customer order/deposit conversion detailed for dealers

    Looks like they are requiring a deposit. Not sure if its refundable or not, but that could be a wrinkle people need to anticipate. What if the dealer plans to charge an ADM? When Tesla takes an online order can the price upon delivery change? Not asking you specifically. When does Tesla lock...
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    Reservation to customer order/deposit conversion detailed for dealers

    I wonder how this process will work with AXZ plan pricing. Will it be part of the system or some negotiation with the dealer after the fact.
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    First Model Year Build Quality

    I have a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid (first year/bought new) and we are replacing it next year with the Mach E GT. The Fusion Hybrid has been one of my best cars. Very few repairs needed in the 10 years. Knock on wood. Oh and the salesman told me the battery might last 5 years. Still no issues with...
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    Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    I saw the vehicle in Chicago and I have pictures, but nothing like you're asking. I'm 6'2" and when I was standing next to it the car was below my shoulders. Was not as tall as an Edge. It really sits low for being considered a SUV/CUV. They had a Premium in Chicago. The GT model is supposed to...
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    Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    Mopey, Here is a close up of a picture I took at the Chicago Auto Show. It is off the Premium edition of the vehicle. 225/55R19
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    A Model S owner on their way to a Mach E

    Welcome to the board. No one really has driven the car so I dont think anyone can answer that question minus Ford employees. The light interior looked close to white when I saw it in Chicago. Maybe a very light gray. They didnt open the doors to get a great view. You cant modify your...
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    Range cost analysis, Tesla, Porsche, Mach E

    I've read before that Ford is going to give Mach E owners a 2 year subscription to EAs network. Not free charging but you get the members pricing.
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    Grabber Blue Now Available For Mach-E GT in Build & Price Configurator!

    It also appears they dropped Infinite Blue and Carbonized Gray from the selections for the GT.
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    OK, It's not a Mach-e, but still...

    I've always wanted a convertible Bronco, so it's rough to want an EV (reserved the Mach E) and see they are also coming out with the Bronco again. I cant wait to see the reveal for the Bronco. I did see it mentioned at some point they might do a Hybrid or BEV Bronco, but not likely for the...
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    Why Tesla's Direct approach to sales will fail

    I would buy the Mach E sans a dealer if it was possible. We have too little data to compare direct sales vs dealer because it really hasnt been a thing till recently. However it doesn't appear Tesla owners complain about the purchase process. Complaints usually revolve around the servicing of...
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    Will the Mach-E Succeed? Teslanomics Ben Sullins Interview with Darren Palmer

    Didnt really like the way the interviewer condescending tone was during his cutaways. Seemed weird to me. Using HTML5 should make it a really flexible system. I wonder if we will see people hack the system to add there own modifications. Do people modify Teslas system? In other videos I've...
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    Ford Charger for Mach-E

    I'm planning on doing it myself. My run isnt as straight forward as yours seems to be. I'm estimating about 100' run, as I have to go up and over my garage ceiling to get to the side of the garage I want a plug. I'm estimating between $200-400 for materials. I'm not using a 40 amp breaker in...
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    Ford Charger for Mach-E

    In a youtube video by Twit tv where they got to sit in a Mach E at CES, Darren Palmer from Ford (Product Chief of EVs) revealed that they would include a charging station with the car purchase. Not sure if its extra or already baked into the MSRP. Station will be able to handle A/C voltages of...