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  1. Ford Pass app on Android is now completely useless

    Same thing happened to me. It was there this morning around 7 am eastern, treated car like an ICE by somewhere around 11:30 am. PaaK works, and all remote vehicle functions work (for both the MME and the Escape I also have on my app account) but none of the EV specific functions.
  2. Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    Two minor OTA wish list items - 1. The "This Trip" counter does not consistently re-set distance (time is at 0 every start up and miles per kwh at 999, but distance is sometimes 0 and sometimes still at distance of last trip) 2. The "shuffle" and "repeat" buttons are virtually...
  3. Do you use the fob or your phone for your everyday driving

    Can't tell you how many times I'd forget the fob in my previous car. I'd get everything together, make my way to the garage. Put by backpack in the trunk. Sit down in the drivers side. Press the start button and...nothing. Back up stairs, get the key, etc. I've never forgotten my phone. Don't...
  4. Do you use the fob or your phone for your everyday driving

    Phone. I've had to use the backup code a couple of times, but that has worked fine as well and phone is reconnected by the time I arrive.
  5. Any early adopters with buyer remorse?

    Absolutely zero regrets. After imagining it in my garage the past 15 months, it's so exciting to see it really there. Coming from a Fusion Energi with Platinum Trim, and Audi A4 before that. This is a really special car.
  6. Cool features of the Nav system

    Thanks - that worked! I keep forgetting to scroll - so many more options when you look for them :)
  7. Cool features of the Nav system

    Has anyone figured out how to save destinations? There's a prompt to save home address, that was no problem. I can't figure out how to save my work address.
  8. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Sorry if this turns out to be an off-topic question. I just bought a new EVSE that has variable amperage (10-32; I have it set at 24 on a 30 amp 240v breaker). It includes a volt meter which shows constant fluctuation from a low of about 228 to a high of about 268 - doesn't hold that high for...
  9. Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    I would have guessed that now this is a known issue, and has a known resolution, it would be part of dealer prep to check and, as needed, update all vehicles before delivery. Those of us at the back of the early adopter line taking delivery over the next few weeks should benefit from, and have...
  10. Phone As Key issues

    Perhaps slightly off-thread - does the fob map to the same profile as PaaK or is it a different profile? How about the backup code?
  11. MACH-E "In production" since 01/09/21

    When are you going for a test drive? When is yours expected to arrive?
  12. MACH-E "In production" since 01/09/21

    Mike - Mine is expected first week of March; I did hear from Bob Davidson though and am going in tomorrow for a test drive!