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    EZ-Pass transponder interference?

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    EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    On the slow lanes where you go down to 5mph they see it, just thinking the ones high up that you do 50-70 mph through....
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    EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    Do you have high speed toll lanes?
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    EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    on slow ex mine too, but on high speed it did not
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    EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    I put my E-ZPass on the grated area of the windshield next to the mirror. The slow lanes register it but I don't think high speed does. I was charged full rate on my tolls. I don't have plates on yet as it's still new and being transferred. NY EZ does not look to offer exterior tags. What about...
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    Online purchase checkout for Mach-E : here's what it looks like

    Thanks for sharing ! Well done.
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    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    I am super impressed with your GT500, well done!
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    Aftermarket blind spot mirrors

    My 17 Fusion and 16 Edge have BLISS, I still put the little concave mirrors on the sides, just like seeing my blind spot and doesn't impact BLISS working. Will do that again when My MME comes in next month.
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    All things NJ Deliveries

    Just got my email stating I get the extra 250kw charging with FordPass.
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    All things NJ Deliveries

    Ordered 9/17 expected 3/28 or so, hope it's early so I qualify. As for inspection sticker, cool, but is there a link to it? I can see a cop giving a ticket for missing such and having to deal with that mess. Emailing my dealer now so they don't put the sticker on :)
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    All things NJ Deliveries

    and a Mach shirt .. stylin! And yay !
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    Change the Sync voice?

    Anyone see if there is the ability to change the voice on Sync? Most devices these days will let you do such. Other voices, male/female British or other accents? TIA
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    All things NJ Deliveries

    North Jersey here, Quality Auto Mall in E-Rutherford. Ordered 9/17 build week 1/24.. have my VIN ( dealer should be able to provide ) and waiting....waiting....waiting
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    Grille Wrap mock-ups

    love these and inclined to do something like this to my MME. I like the 1st best.
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    Mustang Mach E Review by Alex on Autos - Part 1 and Part 2

    Key Fob - my '16 Edge and '17 Energi if you hold the unlock button it opens the windows, and if you hold the lock button, it closes the windows ( roof too ) , hope this is supported as well. Altho with phone as key, not sure if I'll carry a fob.