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  1. Thank You Chevrolet!

    Apparently a Nissan dealer near me offers free EV charging. The shopping mall near us is also installing DCFC in the parking garage. We only really use the MME for commuting, meaning we only need to charge every 2 weeks or so and we have an L2 charger installed. We haven't charged anywhere else...
  2. Mach Drop Build Updates

    Curious. Was your MME impacted by the recent "quality check"? We also have a Mach Drop FE built and shipped around the same time. Our dealer has confirmed that ours has been impacted and delayed as a result. But if some of those impacted are finding their way to buyers, then maybe some hope for...
  3. Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    Our MachE order was changed to a FE during the MachDrop. We haven't gotten this specific email. I did reach out to my dealer and he indicated to me that we would be receiving the addition 250 KWh as a courtesy due to the delay.
  4. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Order M07D submitted to be added to the tracker. The dealer told us a production date of 1/4/21, though that date is not reflected on the ford order tracking website.
  5. Everyone needs to contact their Ford dealer.

    Curious where you got the date of the 18 for the Machdrop FE? I think I have a machdrop FE order. The dealer was communicative at first but it's been quiet for the past week plus. I recall the Ford rep said it might be awhile but don't recall them communicating a specific timeline...
  6. Did my dealer mess up my order?

    You hit on my thoughts at the moment. I haven't cancelled my GT reservation yet, and the dealer did not require me to put any money down. So I won't be out anything to cancel the order for the Premium. If I can't get a Premium until next spring, I might ride out and go forward with a GT...
  7. Did my dealer mess up my order?

    And that is my ultimate frustration. Opportunity to cancel and reserve the correct trim level had already come and gone...
  8. Did my dealer mess up my order?

    Thanks. I wish that would have been clear in January...
  9. Did my dealer mess up my order?

    Hmmm.... I wonder when that FAQ was added. I read, and reread, the reservation FAQ's multiple times between last November and this May and don't recall seeing that. The below question and response was as close as I could find to answer the question: Can I make changes to my reservation? You...
  10. Did my dealer mess up my order?

    Thanks. I must have missed that info about not being able to change from a GT. I was worried about that but was never able to find any information that said definitively. I have called the customer support and also the dealer about linking the order to my account, neither discussion was productive.
  11. Did my dealer mess up my order?

    Yes, it is identified as the Order ID. There is no other identifier in the email.
  12. Did my dealer mess up my order?

    Hello all. Been following this forum for some time. Maybe someone can offer us some reassurances that my dealer didn't mess up our order? I submitted a reservation on the day it opened November 18. The reservation number is was in the low 4000's (100041xx). We had reserved a GT, but as...