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  1. What is your occupation?

    Truck Driver
  2. Mach-E High-Speed Ride to Experience Acceleration (Ford UK)

    That's under WLTP standards which are not as "accurate" as EPA but Taycan does better than just varies by your actual speed and driving style.
  3. Traditional Mustangs and Mach-E Ownership

    I've owned a 1989 GT a 1997 Cobra and a 2003 GT Convertible. Porsche made their SUVs in the early 2000s which saved the company. Without them there probably wouldn't be a Porsche today. I don't think the Mach E can do that for Ford but I think it's a stepping stone to prepare them for the next...
  4. How Ford is Planning For a Smooth Mach-E Launch

    My internet sales guy is "brokering" things at my local might have luck contacting them and I agree a phone call is probably the best way for a response or to get the ball rolling for a response. The old guard doing new things never happens the way that one would want them...
  5. Anyone know if Mach-E is at Baltimore or Philly shows this weekend (feb7th/8th)?

    They had one in DC which is a little closer than Baltimore for me but I was busy the last 2 weekends
  6. Anyone know if Mach-E is at Baltimore or Philly shows this weekend (feb7th/8th)?

    I saw on a local Ford dealer site it's supposed to be in Baltimore but I can't confirm that. I haven't seen enough pictures on their Twitter page to see if it's there or not...
  7. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    If your wiring is big enough for the 60amp circuit getting a bigger breaker wouldn't cost you more than 20 bucks. And if you're willing to wire the new wall mount it's probably gonna cost you 300 if you could sell your current evse for 200. Doesn't hurt to have a backup or put a plug in the...
  8. Free Giveaway: Mustang Mach-E T-Shirt / Hoodie

    I'm good to go on both!
  9. Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    11/17 @ 9:38 #6034. Premium extended battery awd infinite blue and I live in MD