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  1. Battery Life and Always Parking Under the Sun in Hot Weather

    You can learn from other EV's on this. Parking under the hot sun is possible, but car BMS will kick in from time to time and cool the batteries. You WILL lose some energy, otherwise batteries will start fast degradation. If you can plug in the car, BMS will work more aggressively and cool down...
  2. The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    Believe what you want, but a long trip will cost you 3-4 times more with EA than with ICE car. If you are willing to pay this money because BEV is a way of life - let it be your choice. Do not impose it on others. Right now CSS charging providers are not reliable and very expensive, so long...
  3. The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    I know, and Texas unfortunately one of them. The problem is how EA charges even for per-minute charging. Anyway, I am still going to use my good ICE car for long trips and enjoy MME for city driving :)
  4. The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    Guys, the discussion here is interesting, but unless we will have per KWh price - you can forget about long trips with MME (or any other EV but Tesla). The price is 3-4 times the ICE gas. Ridiculous and outraging. EA is a joke with it's current pricing.
  5. What tax Incentives does your State or Country provide?

    Texas has $2500 incentive, at least for 2020.
  6. EPA range and efficiency of MME

    Under very special conditions. I was never able to get close to 300 miles even when driving very gently and less than 55 mph. Some people report that did that.
  7. EPA range and efficiency of MME

    Even when I drove MY in my neighborhood, I got about 270-300 watt per mile. So with normal driving, + AC - realistically we are talking about 270-280 miles on a full charge. With additional people in the car and cargo - maybe 230. I do agree with you that Ford may allow (like Volt) charge to...
  8. EPA range and efficiency of MME

    Agree, and EPA will give you some clue about this as well. Anyway, I am really waiting for the real numbers to show up.
  9. EPA range and efficiency of MME

    I-Pace has a heat pump but the range is not impressive. Based on what I read, the heat pump will really help in a cold climate. I am in Austin, TX, so I have no problem with cold :)
  10. EPA range and efficiency of MME

    Hi, I wonder when we will get an official EPA rating and what even most important miles per Kwh data? It is so close to production but we still do not have these essential things.., As for efficiency - I am a bit concerned about that - 99 kWh battery, 88 kWh usable and only 270 miles in...
  11. Great article from the society of automotive engineers

    Well, no new information, just repeating the old known facts...
  12. German: No touching Touchscreen allowed

    Actually, they already did (as most of EU countries as well): In Germany, the laws concerning the use of mobile phones whilst driving have recently become more specific. Drivers are not allowed to pick up, hold or use their phone whilst the motor of the car is on. ... This means that drivers...
  13. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    What they really need to improve is their service. It is just horrible here in Austin, TX. Either they pay the minimum wage or something else, but the level of service you can get is very poor here. And while many may say - with MY you do not need a service, it is only partially true. And when...
  14. The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    I do not want to be pessimistic, but EV for a long trip is not a good choice IMHO. Especially for non-Tesla EV, without supercharger network. Not that it is very expensive to charge, waiting time is unacceptably long. EA said they will move to per kwh billing. The problem they said it almost a...
  15. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    It is a bit better now, I recently visited the delivery center and many problems have been fixed. However, the main problem is inconsistency - you may get a good-aligned car or may get a really misaligned one. As for the trunk alignment - this is a design issue, the trunk is not wide enough, so...