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  1. Reputable Solar companies and what I need to know

    Tim, I used SolarMe. They are a small company out of New Jersey. I met with a few of them including Sunrun and had done a larger project with SolarCity (Tesla) through work. I was pretty happy with SolarMe. They were a little more expensive then some of the others, but they used high quality...
  2. All things NJ Deliveries

    Hey Tim, you get any feedback from the State re the $5k incentive. I got an email response from Ann King, apparently they are about 80 days from submission to review so it sounds like it’s going to be a long haul before we even hear that we are approved or not. Still hoping for the best but who...
  3. No charging network found?

    Thanks for some of the tips. Happy to report that after a second uninstall and reset on the FordPass App that everything appears to be in order. Will try later this week to initiate a plug and charge session at an EA stop to confirm but it looks like I’ve avoided having to call customer service...
  4. No charging network found?

    Thanks. I can’t even get that far. I get the error in my original post when I try and click the public charging services menu on the vehicle options. Oh well. Customer service call on Monday in my future. It will get worked out or I’ll just use my own card at EA Chargers.
  5. No charging network found?

    Could you share where the EA rep told you to activate charge and go? It was that in the FordPass?
  6. No charging network found?

    Yes to both. I see the balance in my connected services section on my account online.
  7. No charging network found?

    I’ve had my car for a week now and absolutely love it. I’ve been fortunate to date (fingers crossed it continues) that there have been no issues with the car that others have experienced. The one hiccup is that I can’t get the FordPass Charging Network or plug and charge to work. Everything else...
  8. All things NJ Deliveries

    Hopefully it will work out for you in the end. You still have some time. Mine did end up coming a week earlier than the Ford tracker estimate. I’m not confident I’m even going to get the NJ funds. Just a nice bonus if it happens.
  9. All things NJ Deliveries

    Welcome Shadowfax, Lord of Horses, to the NJ stables (sorry big time Lord of the Rings Geek here). It was quite an adventure. My Fusion Energi I was trading in blew a tire on the way down. The guys from Miller stayed late and I am grateful as my new Mustang is home. Thanks to all. Especially...
  10. All things NJ Deliveries

    Congrats man. Hoping to join you shortly.
  11. All things NJ Deliveries

    That’s discouraging. I’ve been dealing with the GM and he seemed to have had it under control when we talked about it a few weeks ago. What time are you going back? Hopefully by the time we both go in they have this worked out.
  12. All things NJ Deliveries

    Alright. Scheduled to take delivery tomorrow at 2 pm. Would have gone tonight but the finance manager apparently has more important things to do with his Friday night than getting me my car (kidding, he’s a great guy and deserves his time). From those that came before me, anything in particular...
  13. All things NJ Deliveries

    The Forum tracker says mine arrived as well. No change on the official Ford tracker yet. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning that saw his mom wrapping the gifts but was told I have to wait till we get home from church before I can open it.
  14. All things NJ Deliveries

    Anecdotally mine was marked on palsapp as delivered to Birmingham on 2/10. Assuming an on time delivery on 3/5 that would be 23 days from Birmingham to Dealer. Maybe it will come earlier than that since JerseyMike was able to figure out it got to Wilmington earlier this week, but if it gets...
  15. All things NJ Deliveries

    Ah null, spent a week there one night. Honestly, that’s what mine said for a long time on pals until it finally made it to KC and transferred to the Birmingham Ramp. Sounds like some of the folks on here would have better info than me but that sounds like your still en route to KC from Mexico...