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    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    I was originally thinking carbon gray and switched to space white when I did my order. Seeing these pics makes me glad I did.
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    Mach-E vs Model Y Side by Side Comparison From Dearborn

    Thanks. Those are nice comparison pics.
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    Order status

    It took eight days, but my Order Accepted finally showed a green check mark today. I suspected it was going to happen soon because I signed a pre order form on Friday that had all of my options for the car and the price we agreed to. Now I can wait for the email from Ford showing that they...
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    Order accepted.. now what?

    I spoke with my dealer today and it seems like they forgot to approve the order last time I spoke with them. They promised me it will be done tomorrow morning. I won't hold my breath.
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    SoCal dealers accepting online orders, no ADM

    I am using Ed Butts Ford in La Puente and they did not charge me ADM.
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    Order accepted.. now what?

    Should I be worried? I talked to my dealer on Tuesday to make sure they had the correct order. They told me they were going to accept it that day. Here we are on Thursday and the site still doesn't say the order is accepted. I emailed them this morning. May have to call again if they don't...
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    “Order Accepted”

    I think it is more about caution. They are a small dealership and they are taking baby steps with this process.
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    “Order Accepted”

    I spoke with my dealer today and they told me they won't get my order from Ford until 7/1. That is when I expect the order to be accepted.
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    Mach-E order confirmation emails - non EV certified dealers - dealer not ready to accept orders yet.

    I am probably less patient than you. Over the weekend I checked on my reservation and it said my dealer was not taking online orders. I played phone tag with the dealership and was not happy. Someone online told me to just put an order in online because the site was now taking orders. I...
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    Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Order Number: 10088xxx Order Date: 6/28/2020 Country (State); US (CA) Trim Line: Premium Drive train: RWD Range: Extended Color: Space White