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    Clunky Transponders

    My first time crossing using my FasTrak Transponder was crossing the Bay Bridge from Oakland to SF. I placed it the same place I did on my Focus: "Under" the rear view mirror to the top-center of the windshield. I didn't get beeps, so it didn't work. Before my next trip, I was going over the...
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    Why Does FordPass STILL Think my MME is an Edge?

    Checking in that I also have the mysterious Mach-E "Edge" in the UI as well. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    The Ultimate Mach-E Insurance Quotes Thread

    Sorry I haven't followed up: I looked for other quotes and AAA turned out to be average of others. So I went with continuing with AAA. To my surprise, the quote was lower the second time around at +$40/month. That's adding GAP and additional window coverage. No idea why that changed, but I'm...
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    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    After exactly six months from the order date, I received delivery of my Mach-E! Update form filled out to complete my line item.
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    Transferring Custom Plates & Pending Renewal

    Today I did the deed, and with less than a day to spare! I do have to hold on to my metal custom plates. I can't transfer until the DMV sends me new metal and then manually transfer them. This also means I have to wait even longer for HOV status, but that's what I have to deal with. Thankfully...
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    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Sadly that's what happens when it's past the set delivery date. The number counts to how many days past the expected ship date, but without changing the rest of the UI…
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    FordPass iOS 3.19.0

    I know, I wrote most of them! The future 3.0 spec builds upon 2 and adds Bluetooth LE and UWB in the supported communication protocols. I'll still hark on Car Keys as part of my larger efforts for Ford to be more active in technology that supports customers. Did FordPass ever support Android...
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    FordPass iOS 3.19.0

    I would guess because the Watch app was still not an Independent WatchOS App, which for the use cases for a Watch, absolutely needed to be. Or at worse, Watch App is targeting an out of date WatchOS level the App Store now rejects. That being the case, I doubt the Watch app was performant if...
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    Online purchase checkout for Mach-E : here's what it looks like

    Thanks for posting this! I was worried about plan PIN entry, but this removes my fears. I also like to have the credit check happen online. I can remove the protections and put them up again in one quick swoop. Even though this whole process has huge asterisks and dealer may change, it's nice...
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    Mach-E Currently Undergoing Crash Tests by IIHS For Safety Rating

    For the curious, here's a few more photos from IIHS preparing Mach-Es for destruction:
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    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    FYI: PalsApp isn't working for anyone at the moment. No matter what VIN you put in, you'll get that same message. That message is actually a default as the data retrieved is an empty object. The front-end just defaults to "may be released" message when no data is collected. For now, consider...
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    PALSAPP - It’s GONE! :)

    I checked every VIN I have and could find, which includes delivered VINs. All have the same error message. The data coming down the pipe is actually an empty object for each request. Because the delivered (previously valid VINs and completed shipping) VINs and trip numbers are returning the...
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    The Ultimate Mach-E Insurance Quotes Thread

    For geographical context, I'm in the East Bay of San Francisco. A few weeks ago I did some quotes just to get a feel for what I expected. Today I started in real earnest with getting a quote from AAA (currently insured with). AAA was $100+/month from previous quotes! When I re-did the others I...
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    Transferring Custom Plates & Pending Renewal

    Resurrecting my old thread, but some progress now that I'm getting close to getting the car. The ETA on my tracker states April 5. The "reservation" UI from Ford gives a March 27 - April 1st window. April 2nd is still the end date of my old car's registration. I spoke to the dealer last...