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    New cars can stay in their lane—but might not stop for parked cars

    This is an interesting research study conducted by AAA about the ability (or lack thereof) of driver assistance technology to avoid certain non-moving hazards. I thought the article and paper were interesting because they seem to indicate Cadillac's Super Cruise was one of the better performing...
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    Preview of Mach-E’s Digital Interactive In-Vehicle Owner’s Guide

    They are offering a convertible Mach E now !!!!! 🤣
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    Reservation Automatically Converted to Order Overnight

    I see you didn't spring for the 5-speed manual 🤪
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    The sorry tale of my order

    Indeed! Sounds like we've both been burned a time or two by the same ole tricks. Which is sad that these shenanigans are so prevalent.
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    The sorry tale of my order

    Thanks for sharing your story, I am sad to hear this bad experience. This is what the internet is good at, transparency. We know from other posts in other threads there are folk from Ford Corporate that read this forum, and we also know that there are some dealerships and/or salespeople that...
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    Reservation Automatically Converted to Order Overnight

    Yeah, I agree that is a shame. This is what the Ford Partner site says (, essentially that a dealer doesn't have to honor it, and it's your job to find one that does.
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    Confirm by August 31st so your Mustang Mach‍-‍E can be prioritized for production

    That information aligns with what we've heard from other places in other threads in this forum
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    Reservation Automatically Converted to Order Overnight

    Ouch. This terrible story just got even worse, my gosh. If you are not soured on the car itself, you might should make a second reservation right now as a hedge. Since it appears Ford refunded your $500, and your dealer has not taken any money from you, this second reservation essentially...
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    A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    FWIW, I logged onto the partner site, and the Mach E is not yet listed at the time of this comment
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    AWD Gear Ratios

    Jason just did another video about gear ratios for the new Ford Bronco, and throws in some engine vs. wheel torque information as well, so I this new video combined with the original above really gives a comprehensive understanding of gears
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    Bronco Thoughts?

    My thoughts?
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    Reservation Automatically Converted to Order Overnight

    Tim as you know, I have not converted. I did not receive any communication like this, and to be sure I just logged into and it still shows as a reservation not an order
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    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I found this video enormously helpful in understanding 1 vs 2 vs 3 phase electricity as well as U.S vs. UK power configuration.
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    Mach-E 1400 Prototype Revealed with 1400 Peak Horsepower

    Sounds like an aggressive supercharger coupled with a cold air intake in an ICE car.
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    Demo of startup video / opening sequence graphics (on screens)

    When I watch the video, I can't help but imagine that the car is making this sound the whole time the screen is displaying that sequence