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  1. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    OK..... There are, no doubt some that have given up on the forum, car or their internet connection. But there's also more than a few of us who are not yet scheduled. Go easy on we poor souls! We are suffering from VIN envy!!
  2. "Reservations & Orders" no longer shows my order

    Oh, no!!! Should I be worried? My reservation page looks normal, same as always. :eek: All kidding aside, I want to let trutolife27 know how much I appreciate his insights! I'm looking forward to next Friday. With a reservation/order number of 413XX I should have a build date sometime next spring.
  3. Ford Charging Station Now Available on

    Just in case anyone's interested in the link Ford provides as fodder for your electrician, I've attached the document. It's not really an installation guide, but has some good technical info if you need to get estimates. There's nothing mentioned about the Ford - Amazon partnership. As I'm...
  4. Ford Charging Station Now Available on

    The Ford branded charging unit is now available for delivery in December. I ordered it last night and received a confirmation email with a link to installation specs.
  5. Mach E web series Part 3 - Can someone please post the correct link before tomorrow?

    My takeaway from tonight’s session... Someone with a Pomeranian plans to use the frunk for a dog wash.
  6. What will be your first song? Playlist?

    I can't be the oldest person here, but I'm hearing "Mustang Sally" in my head. Let's all have fun, fun, fun 'til daddy takes the TBird away.....
  7. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Oh, all those pretty ponies! I think mine is still a frame, Windows, piles of hardware and battery cells just waiting at the plant to be threaded together into my very own beautiful Mach E destined for my driveway. Can’t wait!!
  8. Ford is opening up some more First Edition Mach-E orders FEs are only available in carbonized gray. If that’s your color it’s your deal!
  9. Ford is opening up some more First Edition Mach-E orders

    Boy, I sure wish I could get in on this deal. I don't Twitter or Spotify or whatever this references.
  10. GT’s going to be out in the wild this week

    Points are valid for bragging rights, ego size and admiration / esteem. They do expire 12 months after award so enjoy them while you got em
  11. GT’s going to be out in the wild this week

    Hey, Michiganders! Bonus points for the first to snap and post a picture of a "wild" GT....
  12. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Great color! This affirms my choice....
  13. EVs are for babes & dogs

    That's brilliant! For my next dog, I'm getting a Yorkie, my shih Tzu is not smart enough to drive!
  14. What're you upgrading from?

    My 2015 Prius V will become my spouse's wheels and his 2010 Prius will be sold.