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  1. Mach Dad

    OK, It's not a Mach-e, but still...

    I've always wanted a convertible Bronco, so it's rough to want an EV (reserved the Mach E) and see they are also coming out with the Bronco again. I cant wait to see the reveal for the Bronco. I did see it mentioned at some point they might do a Hybrid or BEV Bronco, but not likely for the...
  2. Mach Dad

    Why Tesla's Direct approach to sales will fail

    I would buy the Mach E sans a dealer if it was possible. We have too little data to compare direct sales vs dealer because it really hasnt been a thing till recently. However it doesn't appear Tesla owners complain about the purchase process. Complaints usually revolve around the servicing of...
  3. Mach Dad

    Will the Mach-E Succeed? Teslanomics Ben Sullins Interview with Darren Palmer

    Didnt really like the way the interviewer condescending tone was during his cutaways. Seemed weird to me. Using HTML5 should make it a really flexible system. I wonder if we will see people hack the system to add there own modifications. Do people modify Teslas system? In other videos I've...
  4. Mach Dad

    Ford Charger

    I'm planning on doing it myself. My run isnt as straight forward as yours seems to be. I'm estimating about 100' run, as I have to go up and over my garage ceiling to get to the side of the garage I want a plug. I'm estimating between $200-400 for materials. I'm not using a 40 amp breaker in...
  5. Mach Dad

    Ford Charger

    In a youtube video by Twit tv where they got to sit in a Mach E at CES, Darren Palmer from Ford (Product Chief of EVs) revealed that they would include a charging station with the car purchase. Not sure if its extra or already baked into the MSRP. Station will be able to handle A/C voltages of...
  6. Mach Dad

    Upgrade Next Football Season’s Tailgates With Mustang Mach-E’s Frunk

    I personally cant wait to give my youngest daughter (2 now / 3 when we get car) a bath in the frunk. Maybe add jets to make it a jacuzzi. /s
  7. Mach Dad

    Chicago Auto Show: Mach-E Acceleration Video and Impressions From GTspirit

    Looks like it only has 3.5 miles on the Odometer (bottom right)
  8. Mach Dad

    Chicago Auto Show: Mach-E Acceleration Video and Impressions From GTspirit

    That isnt the GT version that has an estimated 250Mi. Doesn't have the front grill of the GT. It's likely a Premium with AWD / 270 Mi range. He mentions its AWD in the write up.
  9. Mach Dad

    Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    As someone whose new to EV charging it can be daunting with all this information. However, like some others have said it can be simple and most people won't need to know all these details. One thing BEVs can hang there hat on is that Electricity is Electricity and doesn't have different...
  10. Mach Dad

    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    Hi All, I reserved my Mach E on 12/12/2019 Res# 26786 GT in Black (Although I hope to get Grabber Blue)