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  1. Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    I have only 4 shares of ford stock. But did only get it because of the Mach E and the other BEVs they coming out with. I do see the stock rising once they get settled in the electric market
  2. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Hate to be one of those super petty people but that door gap/fender well is weird. It is big up top then you can see it gets angled in to be narrow then the bottom trim is apart to normal ranges. Obviously they are still working on the fit and finish of stuff but I forsee the tesla gurus be...
  3. "GT Performance" Pricing in Canada

    Just remember the Mach E GT I do not think qualifies for tax incentives as it is over 60k but of course most people who can afford those cars are not really hurting financially in my opinion
  4. "GT Performance" Pricing in Canada

    Maybe they quoting for the tax incentives or ford had to lower price some to meet Canadian tax incentives
  5. Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    I do not wish for this to go off topic again but will only reply once to the subject of car jacking. Well for electric cars I am sure it can be done if you know your way around a computer and some good hacking skills. However, since phone and car are linked to gps, Bluetooth, and other things...
  6. Ford GT Liquid Carbon

    Give me half a million dollars I would.
  7. Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    If I remember correctly all Mach E will have 360 Camera installed just not useable. Which brings up options to enable it via as vehicle configurable option or a later option update to pay for via software update. And I will assume with the 360 cam update will enable the park assist feature but...
  8. Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    I would think if a dealer is listing this then it might be correct cause this might be a dealer only spec sheet. Ford will probably release that info later but if the select base model has extended range I might jump on that on. As the others are a bit over my price range so if the base has...
  9. Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    From what I got from the legislator companies can not charge a per minute basis for charging car since that is not a recognized method of measurement. Now they can charge a wait time, initial start fee, and something else but can not charge a per minute while charging unless you are fully...
  10. Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    Remember in california they are banning the per minute charges for EVs so it will just be the kWh charge. ONe that is not fair to charge EV a per minute base when they don't charge that for gas cars so why should EVs have to pay for that cause then it will cost more for EVs then gas cars. But...
  11. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    Well the the range number are some what close to what they saying after conversion so 320 or 330 miles then I might have pay the extra money for the ford instead of going Fisker ocean lol
  12. Video: Vehicle Settings Screen on Sync4A Infotainment system

    That is true however it’s more of a reach to pick up the phone while on charging pad than it being plugged in. However I driver Uber/Lyft every now and again and what would be awesome would these EVvehicles with the screen have an app available for use with Uber Lyft and other ride share apps...
  13. PRNDL on the prototype

    One pedal driving is not rocket science. It is simple if you do not want the 1 pedal driving aspect you can always turn that off in the settings which their is a button for that option to be turn on or off. When it is off that means you will drive it like a normal ICE car. However, I have test...
  14. How Ford is Planning For a Smooth Mach-E Launch

    I would say production should start probably by May or June for the first edition releases that are to begin at end of 4th quarter thisyear. I have no idea how many they can produce at a time or in a week but since they are already an established company shouldn’t be too hard to reach high...
  15. Chicago Auto Show: Mach-E Acceleration Video and Impressions From GTspirit

    Very nice thanks for the display pic 418km at 100% charge come to 259.7333 so 260 miles so obviously that was the estimated 250 mile vatiant it also look like they had front camera disabled for the show which makes me assume built in dashcam
  16. Select model is too basic?

    THis discussion make me wonder if they will throw it all in standard but only active on the higher versions but might be an aftermarket purchase item to activate via a software update. They might had to do this to keep the cost of vehicle low for the rebates for other countries like Canada.
  17. Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    you can always rent one for a day see how it goes. Also you have I think 100 mile grace period I believe on every Tesla. I think it wa 3 days/100 miles to return the car full refund except for deposit.
  18. Upgrade Next Football Season’s Tailgates With Mustang Mach-E’s Frunk

    By looks of the photos it does look like the frunk is sealed with a rubber seal and the plastic covering goes over it or just the correct size to go inside a little bit to complete the seal all the way around. Now this is just assumption but by the looks of the underneath the hood it does look...
  19. Video: Vehicle Settings Screen on Sync4A Infotainment system

    Good morning or afternoon all I came across this video yesterday of I am guessing a Car Saleswomen I am assuming at the Texas AutoShow (possibly Houston) going over the Mach E. When doing so they showed the settings screen on the infotainment system and thought it would be nice to show everyone...
  20. Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    I took this statement as they put all the hardware needed to support the higher rate charging (Fast Charging). However, will only use the 150 rate for now until but all MAch E will have the equipment standard to support the 350 rate but probably will not be used until a future software update...