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  1. timbop

    First Production Mach-E Model?

    I can't speak for europe, but this are clearly the wheels depicted for what is called the "premium" edition here in the states, and in three different places on their website they are referred to as 19": the "configure your own" link, the "compare specifications" link, and the spec sheet...
  2. timbop

    Mach-E Upcoming Auto Show Appearances?

    That is something that would be so easy to do, yet their marketing department can't be bothered. The only changes they've made to the website since mid November is to remove the first edition, and in the last few days change the color palette for the GT to include grabber blue which has been...
  3. timbop

    First Production Mach-E Model?

    That looks like the premium edition with the standard premium wheels, which are 19".
  4. timbop

    One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    I don't think it will really be an issue - I drove stick for almost 25 years before getting too old and lazy. I almost always let the engine slow me down, only using the brakes to fully stop or for emergencies. It was never a problem when I was driving my wife's automatic; I realized pretty...
  5. timbop

    Thoughts on bargaining with dealers prior to official ordering process?

    Good plan, although I don't think any of them will sell below MSRP. I have been buying from a small dealership nearby to support a small business, but I've been thinking about a larger dealer taking BEVs more seriously - as in having more EV maintenance infrastructure/mechanics.
  6. timbop

    Mach E at Cleveland Auto Show---Cleveland I X Center---Feb 21 thru March 1

    Apparently the blue one was supposed to go from washington to philly, but they rerouted it to Toronto instead because its an "international" show, even though both toronto and chicago had TWO. I don't really want to schlep to the Javits center myself, but I also don't want to buy a car I've...
  7. timbop

    First look at Apple CarPlay & Trip Info screens in SYNC 4A on Mach-E

    The usage by category is great, but I'd like to see a cardinal number next to the description in addition to the graph. To me trying to gauge how much of the box is taken up by each bar is annoying, I would rather have it tell me where my energy is going clearly than have a cute graphic
  8. timbop

    Ford released Mach-E ordering/reservation numbers and take rate in SoCal

    Exactly, but I think it's an intentional hit piece by a teslarati
  9. timbop

    Mach-E Inefficiency a...good thing?

    My suspicion is that Tesla reports the usable battery size (54kwhr in case of standard range model Y), and Ford has so far been referencing overall battery size including the buffer. The C-Max may have reserved a 20% buffer, but I would guess (based on no data) that Ford will likely use a...
  10. timbop

    Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    With regard to the auto garage door opening I think we are moving from "first world problems" to "pampered people on reality tv show problems" :) . If the worst part of your day is having to momentarily stop on your driveway to press a button and wait for the garage door to open itself...
  11. timbop

    Ford Reiterates Deliveries of First Edition or Premium Mach-E Expected Late This Year. GT Will Arrive Summer 2021

    Which is why they would have said something about it at the reveal or since. The fact that they haven't mentioned it leads me to believe they will only do it if they absolutely have to. The Mach-E I am planning to buy is only $45000 MSRP, which is a whole different price bracket than the cars...
  12. timbop

    Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    I should have hit reply to pirreli 73 to make it clear I was only talking about the select
  13. timbop

    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - Here is Why (vs TESLA)

    I've been a software engineer for 35 years, and there's no way in hell I would trust anything other than highway lane keeping. As mentioned driving in city traffic with all the different crazy things other drivers do is way too taxing on today's ai. I wouldn't need to either- I can drive in that...
  14. timbop

    Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    No, 360 camera, memory seat, and park assist is standard on rt1, premium, fe, and gt- for select they are optional. For some reason heated seats are standard on prem ium, gt, and fe but not available on select and rt1
  15. timbop

    Will Ford Respond to revised 315mi range for Model Y?

    I think the car wash issue being referred to is a water leak that is prevalent in certain car washes that shoot water from a particular direction of pressure.
  16. timbop

    Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    On the main Ford mach e page is a comparison chart that shows the 360 as an option, as well as park assist and memory seats. On that chart the heated seats are not an option for select or rt1
  17. timbop

    Ford released Mach-E ordering/reservation numbers and take rate in SoCal

    On a lighter note: I'm curious what proportion of all us orders that 1700 in socal represents? If it's around 10%, then our assumption about reservation numbers being sequential is probably correct.
  18. timbop

    Ford released Mach-E ordering/reservation numbers and take rate in SoCal

    Exactly. Slanted journalism for sure. People followed the reservation process laid out by ford, and zero actual orders will ever be placed directly with ford. At first I thought the author was too lazy, but the buried referenced to the actual process shows it was intentional. The headline is all...
  19. timbop

    Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    Yes, please. back to our program: I am getting the select edition, so seeing the appearance package with black roof and different wheels is intriguing. I really liked the black painted roof on car that was at Ford hq a month ago, but looking at the "upgraded" aero wheels I am not so sure about...
  20. timbop

    Does anyone wish to share their X PLan and Lease Rebate using Federal Tax Credit On Mach E Orders

    change your dealer if they don't. When you are notified that your reservation has come up and it is time to order, you may order with any EV-certified dealer you wish. That's the difference with dealer vs company store model - you can play dealers off one another