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  1. Roof glass and A/C

    I think one of the Ford interviews already indicated that Ford won’t offer one. But I agree this will quickly be available from aftermarket suppliers.
  2. Mach-E & Kia Niro EV in MotorTrend

    Considering that Kia displayed that front fascia as early as Feb. of last year (if not earlier), one might say that it’s the MEGT that looks a lot like the Kia, rather than the other way around.
  3. Mach E at Cleveland Auto Show---Cleveland I X Center---Feb 21 thru March 1

    I’m relatively sure that all the pre-production models circulating the shows have the handles as originally shown. If they change at all before production, the change won’t be on the 3 vehicles that have been shown for weeks.
  4. Mach-E Cargo Capacity Demonstrated by Ford

    That is what those tabs are for. It’s described somewhere else on this site.
  5. Mach E at Cleveland Auto Show---Cleveland I X Center---Feb 21 thru March 1

    Ford, you know your production color selection is too bland when you have to display the vehicle under colored lights or with a vinyl wrap.
  6. Unannounced GT Color Wishlist

    I agree on the Highland Green, but I could live with and would opt for a Guard Green.
  7. Wish list or guesses for the final additional Mach-E color?

    Here are a couple colors others have asked for: GT Color Wishlist
  8. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    Interesting. I'm one of those people. I was already leaning towards switching for Rapid Red or going with the Grabber... I guess I'll really have to think more seriously about a switch now.
  9. Ford released Mach-E ordering/reservation numbers and take rate in SoCal

    Interesting, but I don't see how people placing order online (with a selection of specific dealership) shows "snubbing" of dealers. It shows a preference for ordering online versus physically in person for a car that isn't available to see or test drive anyway -- I guess nobody should be surprised.
  10. Mach-E Upcoming Auto Show Appearances?

    I’d been checking the Dallas - Ft. Worth auto show site periodically, and finally saw it updated to include the Mach-E. I’ll have to go check it out: DFW Auto Show
  11. A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    Here’s info on what the AZX plans will likely look like for the Mach-E: via CarsDirect: Ford Plan Pricing refers to haggle-free savings reserved for Ford employees & retirees, affiliated organizations, and friends & family. Unlike other Ford vehicles, the Mach-E's unique pricing structure...
  12. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    I’m in the same boat. Satin is not a finish I’d want but I’m desperate for a blue I like more than the grabber or the infinite. Ford has some great blues, like the performance blue, that I would love on the Mach E.
  13. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    It would be surprising if the two additional colors end up being Grabber and Satin Blue. I’d expect the two options to be more distinct. So, unless Ford changes its mind regarding Grabber Blue being one of the two colors, I’m afraid that this won’t be the second color. But, I sure hope it is (or...
  14. Ford v. Trump

    One is Grabber Blue, but there is still one other unannounced.
  15. Ford Reiterates Deliveries of First Edition or Premium Mach-E Expected Late This Year. GT Will Arrive Summer 2021

    Although it is troubling that the GT went from Q1 to Spring, and now there have been two mentions of Summer.
  16. Why I chose a Mach-E over the Tesla Model Y

    I will not say they are the same car either, but I do disagree that there is no cross-shopping by buyers between Model 3 and Y. In fact, most analysts are speculating that how Tesla stock moves in the next few months will depend largely on what impact Model Y sales end up having on 3 sales...
  17. Video: Vehicle Settings Screen on Sync4A Infotainment system

    Maybe? Not to be contrarian, but I actually see wireless charging as making it easier to pick up the phone, check it while driving, and put it down than if it was physically plugged in.
  18. How Ford is Planning For a Smooth Mach-E Launch

    They can’t. It’s an unrealistic expectation. I’m sure Ford agrees that dealers abusing the situation for the dealers’ own gain is detrimental and of no value to Ford. If Ford could prohibit the practice, it would.
  19. Buying/Leasing Mach-E Mustang - Carbuzz Article

    Not what I wanted to read this Monday morning. That really is a long time. I’d started hoping that Q1 was conservative and we’d start seeing some early deliveries of GTs by year-end. Summer 2021? Oooof. With the Y now coming out more than one year before the Ford, it gets harder and harder to wait.
  20. PRNDL on the prototype

    L gear in Ford hybrids provides higher regenerative braking. So this isn’t a 2 speed transmission but rather a setting for more regenerative braking when the gas is released.