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  1. Dmcerm

    What Color Red?

    Yeah, as always, I am going to have to see this colors in person before I make the final call. I have Star White ordered but now with the other thread saying it looks more like a really light gray (still sharp), I may finally want to spend the money on the Rapid Red. Just amazing how the banner...
  2. Dmcerm

    What Color Red?

    So, random question: when you refresh the forum enough, one of the banners at the top has the six red cars across the top. The Mach-E is in the center and then there are cars on either side. That red. That isn't Rapid Red is it? It definitely looks like a more maroon red. I like that...
  3. Dmcerm

    Traditional Mustangs and Mach-E Ownership

    I own our bought-new 2012 Kona Blue (Gosh I'd love a Mach-E in that color!) 2012 GT, with just over 60,000 miles on the odo. She was ordered in June of 2011, she was built in the late summer of 2011, and we picked her up on September 1, 2011. It was my first Mustang but I owned a 1994 Crown...
  4. Dmcerm

    How will you mod your Mach-E?

    Yes. absolutely! I too put lowering springs on my 2012 GT and it truly did transform the car (first I swapped out the stock 18 inch wheels for a set of 20 Inch Shelby Wheels, so those along with the springs really made it sweet looking). Now keep in mind that I am not a racer, my Mustang is an...
  5. Dmcerm

    How will you mod your Mach-E?

    For those who don't get the GT with the magnaride adjustable shocks, I can see and places like and coming out with lowering spring kits and other cosmetics for the outside and inside for that matter. I mean, the GT looks pretty amazing with that...
  6. Dmcerm

    Mach-E & Kia Niro EV in MotorTrend

    I was reading my new issue of Motor Trend this morning (April 2020) and this article tested the three EVs you see here. And one of the things that caught my eye was what I considered to be some shared design themes between the Niro EV and the Mach-E. Nothing radical and certainly one didn't copy...
  7. Dmcerm

    Let's Represent M-EMA Peeps!

    Just a humble Pennsylvana Mach-E Rezzy Holder, FoMoCo Stock Holder and literally one of the last humans on earth that still holds Brand Loyalty above almost anything else, meaning, I was a Tesla Rezzy Holder until... Ford, my First Love, released the Amazing Mach-E!
  8. Dmcerm

    A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    Jee-whiz. I could swear I thought when I bought my 2012 Mustang GT with the X Plan, it was closer to 10 percent. Either that or was I sadly mistaken back in 2012... I need to check my bill of sale for back then.
  9. Dmcerm

    First Production Mach-E Model? [Update: This Is First Assembly Line Made Pre-Production Unit]

    So, I've downloaded the pic to try to get a better view of the door handles/wings. What am I missing that this pre-production model has has them changed? They look the same if not similar to me. Educate me!
  10. Dmcerm

    Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    I keep looking at this thread because I just love that satin blue. I have a space white reserved because I love the contrast between the black accents and sloping roof line against the white but I am seriously considering a switch... I thid is a Europe-only color though, right? Either way, I'm...
  11. Dmcerm

    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - Here is Why (vs TESLA)

    I drive 30.1 miles, one way to work and 30.1 miles back for my daily round trip being obviously 60.2 miles a day. With my AWD, 270 mile pack, (or if the wife allows me to save a few grand and just go RWD for 300 miles) both of those packs allow for a lot of daily commuting. Plus, once I arrive...
  12. Dmcerm

    Dual motor AWD vs RWD?

    @ab13 that's a great point. That's one of the best things of a properly designed EV that we can look forward to as a maintenance benefit. Not changing brakes nearly as often just because of the one-pedal/regen capabilities. An answer to that question of yours would be great to know. Either way...
  13. Dmcerm

    A lot of information on Mach-E

    Oh yeah, also. With the Android Auto, did we hear or can the car put Waze up on the Nav screen? Or Google Maps? Or just the maps Ford has loaded? Again. Info overload... can't remember all of what we've heard and what we haven't.
  14. Dmcerm

    A lot of information on Mach-E

    Well a couple of things from this thread: @timbop I too wonder what is under the Ford aero covers too, however, I love the M3's wheels under the aero covers but I bet Ford just has a set of steelies (steel wheels) under them. - I am a sucker for little trick things like lights/wipers settings -...
  15. Dmcerm

    A lot of information on Mach-E

    In PA too it's the law to have lights on with the wipers. So it may have been just an easy feature to add in the software as the lights/wiper laws spread.
  16. Dmcerm

    Darren Palmer on Mach-E, GT, Shelby Models and the Future of the V8 Mustang - Full interview

    Very nice! Thanks for posting. Any interview time with Mr. Palmer is time well spent. He always gives a good interviews and does a great job of answering questions well. He answers but doesn't double-speak too much like a politician would. He's a good Front Man for this platform.
  17. Dmcerm

    Mach-E featured on NBC's Today Show And giving credit where it's due, all the producers who've had a chance to talk to Palmer have done great jobs and his interviews are always meaty and relevant. Just...
  18. Dmcerm

    Mach-E featured on NBC's Today Show

    Hmm. Not as much about the Mach-E as it was about the EV Market and Ford and other Legacies joining the fray finally. Nice to see it though. And I need to go back to the video from around the unveiling and watch the "making" of the Mach-E because quite frankly, the interviews with these Ford...
  19. Dmcerm

    Mach-E featured on NBC's Today Show

    I just sat down to look on Today's website to find it. Thanks!
  20. Dmcerm

    Mach-E featured on NBC's Today Show

    Dang. I missed seeing this until now but I'm glad you all are here and I'm glad the internet never forgets! Thanks for posting the video!