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  1. Roof glass and A/C

    I somehow think the glass is not dimming, but rather, a coated glass product that helps deflect away solar heat gain. The dimming mirrors is just an electronic version of the old lever on the old mirrors, which just caused an internal mirror to shift position.
  2. New Jersey is plugged in!

    Exactly. Nice to have a governor who isn't spending his time shutting down the George Washington Bridge.
  3. New Jersey is plugged in!

    New Jersey is providing money to add charging stations through out the state, in particular the Garden State Parkway and the Turnpike. We have a $5,000 rebate for EVs that have an MSRP under $55K. That is in addition to the federal rebate. And finally, we have no sales tax on the purchase of...
  4. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

  5. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    those photos above Seem like they are pretty accurate for the color. I see what you mean. However I kinda like it. was hoping it was a nonmetallic color.
  6. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Is this white metallic or a solid color like the paints that are all the rage these days.
  7. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    Good point. I will be trading an edge as part of getting the mach-e. The Mach-e is similar in size will let me drive to golf with friends and clubs in the car and will be a good car for commuting. It does seem practical but also a nice interior, good tech for commuting and attractive looks...
  8. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    It is funny, while I am not an activist, per se, my mind has completely switched gears, pun intended, to EVs and the Mach-E in particular. I used to love reading about cars and in particular, supercars and/or high horsepower others. But I find myself not interested now. I see headlines about...
  9. Unannounced GT Color Wishlist

    I am so disappointed in the color selections. I cannot decide on a color because none are striking my fancy. This is my current ride and one reason I love it is the color, Bronze Fire. I also am not happy about the black wheel wells, I am getting premium, because I think that affects the...
  10. Body color painted wheel arches vs black wheel arches

    A Agreed. I don’t like red with a lot of black like wheel arches and/or bumpers. So premium in red with black wheel arches is a non starter for me. I have been consumed with what color I want so I am ready when it comes time to order. I am underwhelmed by the selection. Nothing is thrilling...
  11. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    Or this...
  12. Mach-E Cargo Capacity Demonstrated by Ford

    Finally a video showing golf clubs fitting. Hope it not a junior set to trick us. (s)
  13. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Thank you for the videos. So frustrating that they have it in blue light. No way to tell what the color is.
  14. Fed rebate on Euro sales?

    Wow great find. So some of the worry people have about the range for next year can be alleviated by that. What is it 30 or 40% of first 50k go to Europe I think.
  15. Fed rebate on Euro sales?

    Just curious. Do the deliveries of Mach-e to Europe count in the reduction of vehicles Ford has left with fed rebates? Doesn’t seem like they should.
  16. Anyone else having trouble deciding? Mach-E GT?

    If ford made the Bullitt green an exclusive GT color it wouldn’t even be a question. Car would look killer in that color.
  17. Unannounced GT Color Wishlist

    In fact if bullitt green was exclusive to the GT I would wait and pay the extra over a premium. There are so few green cars. I don’t know why but the Mach e would be spectacular in that color. Would also like a nice tan interior to go with that. I hope I am not asking too much.
  18. Unannounced GT Color Wishlist

    I would like Bullitt Green.
  19. Anyone else having trouble deciding? Mach-E GT?

    I am ruminating constantly about colors and models of what Mach-E I want. I was almost fully decided on a premium AWD SR., color the only undecided issue. In N.J. that gave me an MSRP below $55k so I could get a combined $12,500 in state and federal rebates and no sales tax. But then my friend...
  20. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Don’t judge the gaps until they are off if production line.