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    New best 0-60 time in MME 4X (Dragy run)

    Let me preface this by saying I’ve been playing around with different launch techniques because it seems Ford has limited initial output. I’ve done 1pd off/on, TCS off/on, Engaged vs Unbridled blah blah. So far, the quickest run occurred just the other day at 88% SOC with 1pd off and Unbridled...
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    Cool Electrify America DCFC experience this evening - pics

    Went out to run a quick errand this afternoon and decided to stop at our nearby EA chargers to use up some of our free charging balance (thanks @Ford Motor Company ). Low and behold, Electrify America chose our location as the first nationwide to do this: Great idea to make the charging speeds...
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    Motor Trend Ioniq5 HTRAC road test is in: It’s pretty quick I’m on record as saying I like the digital Lancia Delta Integrale looks a lot, interior - not so much but it’s ok. What stands out are the 4.4 0-60 and [email protected] 1/4 mile runs, very good for this...
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    Texas FS: 4 new Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 UHP all-season tires. Size 245/45-20 for GT/GTPE

    Bought them from Tire Rack as part of a wheel/tire package but the wheels didn’t work out. See my other thread about the ASA GT-14 wheel issue. Anyway, Tire Rack couldn’t accept a tire return since we did take them through the neighborhood testing the new wheel fitment out. Tires have approx...
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    Warning! Do not buy ASA GT-14 wheels for your MME- info inside

    Ok. I’ll get this out of the way up front. ASAs are a decent tuner type wheel but they aren’t expensive ($265 each) they’re made in China, and did I say they’re cheap already? ?. However, the overall finish/quality is actually very good and they are also about 5 lbs lighter per wheel than the...
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    Space White 4X on O.Z. Racing Gran Turismo HLTs 20x8.5

    Just threw the new rims and rubber on my wife’s 4X and thought I’d share here. Wheels are all 45 offset. Tires are Continental EC DWS-06 in 255/45-20. Each wheel/tire combo weighs 57 lbs, which is 3 lbs less than the OEM Premium wheels with the summer tire option.
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    MotorTrend: Mach-E GT PE vs. Model Y Performance comparison Ok @Ford Motor Company, all of the major mainstream mags are now calling the GTPE the loser against the Y Performance and it seems that if the 5 sec. 100% power rule didn’t exist you’d have a...
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    Ford CEO Jim Farley is Motor Trend Person of the Year

    Ford CEO Jim Farley Is the 2022 MotorTrend Person of the Year The Blue Oval's top exec has overseen a dramatic shift for the iconic American automaker. Good choice, MT! Now, about that Time Magazine Elon...
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    Everyday Driver: Mach-E vs. ID.4 vs. Model Y comparison video

    Another comparison video by reviewers I’ve been watching for a while reaches the same conclusion we’re all getting used to hearing: One does it all well while even adding in personality and a dose of handling capability. One is a driving appliance. One is a fast heap of shit. ?
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    Motortrend tests Mach-E vs. Bolt and ID.4 with predictable results

    Discuss. I can’t wait until the mainstream auto media entities start doing more actual range testing and including those results rather than EPA estimates. All 3 of...
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    Factory summer tires option on 4X, just delivered yesterday

    Gotta say, these are some ugly Continentals. And what’s up with that pattern on the sidewalls? I’m sure they’re stickier than the OEM Michelin A/S tires but we’re ordering some 20” x 8.5” wheels with 245/45s so I’m going take them off and sell them. Shoulda saved the $250 we spent on the option.
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    Weird Ford Options checkout issue

    Just did the online checkout and received the congratulations! Ford Credit approval, however, the screen where you sign the offer has all of the Estimated Amounts (apr 2.25/48 mos, monthly pymnt etc) filled in correctly but the Offer blanks just have 0s instead of any offer amounts. Does that...
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    Motorweek's GTPE performance test results (caution: 1/4 trap speed talk within ?)

    John Davis very succinctly explained the trap speed issue. “…You feel like you’re on your way to an 11 second 1/4 mile…..and then it’s like someone pulled the drag ‘chute too early.” ? [email protected] They did get a 3.5 0-60 though. ?? Still a winner for most buyers.
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    Ford Racing Parts releases Power Pack for Mustang GT - $1295

    So it looks like Ford may have intentionally throttled GT performance in order to sell a bunch of $1295 power packs similar to Tesla’s $2000 acceleration boost OTAs. Not cool Ford. At least the upgrade retains the 3/36 b2b warranty. ?
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    MSP Mach E police prototype (GT/PE) testing results in Car and Driver article

    Car and Driver just posted this today. Key takeaways: 1. MME interceptor did 0-60mph in 4.0 and 0-100mph in 11.9, confirming the power throttling issue GT owners and reviewers are experiencing. I’d...
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    Finally confirmed size for the Mach E 4X OEM $250 summer tire option

    Was just able to print our window sticker today and it lists the size of the summer tires, which, was not listed when we ordered our MME on 5/21/21. They are the same 225/55 width/aspect ratio as the OEM all-season Michelin Primacys. However, I still don’t know know for sure what brand/model...
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    Is it a Mustang? Poll for levity

    Chime in.
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    Summer tire option for Premium Ext AWD

    Has anyone been able to confirm what the OEM summer tires maker(s) is(are) for the $250 summer tires option? I’ve emailed Ford and no response and I Tweeted @mrlevine to no avail as yet. We selected the summer tires option for my wife’s 4X when we ordered on 5/21/21 and we received our build...
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    The ordering trick to get a build date quickly (anecdotal evidence) kidding

    I ordered our Space White Mach E 4X on 5/21/21 and was mildly shocked to receive an email from Ford this am that stated the expected build week is 8/22/21. I was expecting notification at the end of July as a best case scenario. So, I figured I’d jokingly share the magic configuration that gets...