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  1. tfitzgex

    Dead while driving.

    Got the stop safely message. Pulled off the freeway stuck at an off ramp. All accessories are working. Can’t shift in to neutral. Help!
  2. tfitzgex

    Front USB ports going bad?

    I have both usb type A and USB Type C cables, both of the ports feel loose. The cables don't seem to be working in the front ports, but when I plug it in in the back ports they both work perfectly. My Iphone does have wireless carplay, and I usually use that. However, when I'm charging I...
  3. tfitzgex

    Steering wheel buttons starting to bubble..

    I got in my car and noticed this yesterday. I called my dealership and they asked me to send pictures. Have any of you had this happen?
  4. tfitzgex

    car 'rocking' after putting in park

    This happens when I park on even the slightest incline. I push the brake, put the car in park, let my foot off. the car keeps rocking back and forth until I put my foot on the brake again. It also did it to me in a walmart parking lot the other day. . I've never had a car do this to...
  5. tfitzgex

    Sudden acceleration in parking lots/accidently pressing the cruise control button

    I'm probably not the only one who has experienced this. You are in a parking lot, trying to park. You are turning the wheel and accidently hit the cruise control button. If you have it set to intelligent cruise control, and it knows the speed limit, it instantly tries to get to that speed...
  6. tfitzgex

    Most overpriced ads for a used Mach-E in your area?

    I'm in Portland Oregon, We have more BEVs here than you can shake a stick at.
  7. tfitzgex

    Volta and Walgreens announcing DCFC at 500 locations
  8. tfitzgex

    Volvo brings youtube to their cars
  9. tfitzgex

    Big screen issues

    After an update that the dealer did. the center display loses all brightness during the day. Brightness controls do absolutely nothing. In the evening it 'works' as normal, but the brightness controls also do nothing. I feel that it is an bug they introduced, and wonder if anyone had...
  10. tfitzgex

    Polestar giving owners 2 years of DCFC at Electrify America Hey Ford, are you paying attention yet?
  11. tfitzgex

    Problems, problems, problems...

    The build quality on my MME, I thought was good... until I got a few thousand miles on it. I'm sitting at 7k and I feel I'm just scratching the surface of problems to come. I *actually* am considering the extended warranty for the car because I will blow through the bumper to bumper...
  12. tfitzgex

    Apple Carplay issues after updating to IOS 15.01

    I'm on 1.60 still, so this may have something to do with it. Since I updated my iPhone to the latest IOS I've had some issues connecting reliably to wireless carplay. When it does connect to the car it connects to the wireless projection SSID, but... it tries to use that as an internet...
  13. tfitzgex

    How to find build date?

    I bought my car from dealer inventory (got super lucky) I've run it through various VIN decoders yet they won't give me the information.
  14. tfitzgex

    Using EA's new 350KW CCS plugs?

    I needed to use EA's charge station near my apartment the other day. They have the 'up to 150kw' and 'up to 350kw', I know that the MME is only supposed to be able to handle 150, normally I pull 125/130. When I plugged in to the 350kw charger, I was surprised that the charger stated my...
  15. tfitzgex

    Charge station error this morning

    I went to charge up at a DCFC, I plugged in and it went red. I suspect morning dew/condensation is the culprit. I tried two different charge stations, after treating the charge stations and my charge port like a nintendo cartridge (blowing on it) I finally got it to work. Have any of you...
  16. tfitzgex

    Electrical gremlins...

    Went to charge yesterday (at a public charge station) I had my windows rolled down. The charge stations would not recognize my car at all :( I get back in my car, go to a different charger network (EA) and it started working, What didn't however was my window controls on the driver side...