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  1. ChargedCheese

    Car Stopped Sending Updates (Charging, Mileage, etc)

    So I couldn't find a similar thread in the sea of Ford Pass threads... Over the weekend, my car stopped sending updates. Both the vehicle dashboard on the website and Ford Pass are stuck on Saturday's data. Ford pass thinks it is up do date, but the mileage is now about 100 miles off and the...
  2. ChargedCheese

    Kick to Open Liftgate Stopped Working

    As some of you know, my car was in the shop (Autonation) for a week waiting for a new tire. During that time, I tried to get them to update firmware as well as take a look at my liftgate. The kick to open worked initially, and now it doesn't - it is not disabled in Sync. I got it back with the...