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  1. Promotional rates

    contacted my dealer with an email asking about rates at time of orde 10/21/21. This was his response. ‘Promotional rates from the order date are protected.” what he did not answer was what the rates were at that time. I search google looking for past ford rates with no luck. Does anyone know...
  2. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    I was bumped a week a week after getting a 5/30. Now holding at 6/6
  3. How to find charger while driving!

    Tesla charger at rest area are super charges can not be used with the tap nor the Mach E
  4. How to find charger while driving!

    There are a few free ones in Manchester and some pay ones. Biggest pay location would be at the mall one of the free locations is Eversource on the river by the dam
  5. 6/6/22 Build Week Gang

    Same here got me email today
  6. Serramonte Ford Mach-E Specialist Here

    Correct. But customer in these cases does not pay the increase and wait for ford
  7. Serramonte Ford Mach-E Specialist Here

    Interesting. My dealer does not charge for the price increase to the customer at delivery. They wait for Ford to remove the increase from the invoiced amount not effecting the customer at all.
  8. Range questions… SIAP

    What were the temperatures was it windy. Do some reading here. Do some searching for range
  9. TSB 22-2182 - Lack/Loss Of Heat While Driving During Freezing Temperatures

    Does this also mean the cars in production today will have this update when shipped to customer?
  10. DARK MATTER GRAY Mach-E Club

    what size are those winters on the left and you running them on the mache
  11. Rear Reverse/Back Up Lights

    Set up your phone pointing ar back of car press record get in car put in reverse. Review the video
  12. 6/6/22 Build Week Gang

    Still holding so far after the 1 week push out
  13. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    Your lease could make you much money in these times
  14. 6/6/22 Build Week Gang

    Yes I agree with hope the date holds. Gas prices are killing me with 24 mpg with my suv. Hope delivery by mid July 9n NH
  15. 6/6/22 Build Week Gang

    Did not see a thread for this week so started it. I was push this week from 5/30 to 6/6 prem ER DMG 4x order 10/21/21
  16. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    Yup I was also pushed out today to 6/6. Wth
  17. 5/30 Build Week Gang

    This is my build week awd prem ER DMG ordered 10/21/21