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  1. UK Customers

    Depends if we have to play charging cable gymnastics between the charge port and the confines of the parking space. See Bjorn Nyland's YouTube channel.
  2. UK Customers

    Just a general comment. I still find my car exciting even after 8 months. I smile everytime I get in it. Never had this with any of my previous cars.
  3. UK Customers

    Will be obvious but in the excitement don't forget to set your door mirrors for maximum visibility before you drive off. (Lesson learnt by me);) I'm 6ft 2 and need the drivers seat all the way down otherwise I can't adjust the rear view mirror to how I need it which won't adjust above a certain...
  4. A good look under the hood / frunk of my Mach-E (with parts labeled)

    Mods, sticky status please. :):):):) useful to know how things work.
  5. UK Customers

    My car informed me after a drive out today that a software download had been successful. I did have 2.1.0 installed on 8th April. This one can't be 2.3.1 as the volume bar is still vertical and not horizontal. When I go into details it just says "Up to date". I wish Ford would give us a bit more...
  6. Ford's New Ad Pokes Fun at Elon Musk's Loud Mouth and Thin Skin

    Ah. Slight correction needed. The supercharger network is no longer exclusive in some European countries, for example Norway and is in the process of being opened up to other makes. Whether the cables will reach the various charging port configurations is another issue. This is easier as CCS...
  7. UK Customers

    You'd be surprised... Ask your dealer to touch the paintwork as little as possible in the preparation and PDI.
  8. Mach-E's entire display screen interface to be refreshed later this year (per Farley)

    Probably not as the 4 way nudge is not supported. If you try to nudge it, it will break off. This will be for controllers as found in a Mazda centre console.
  9. No display!

    Is this the main screen or the one behind the steering wheel or both?
  10. How Long Before People Accept The Mach-E As A Mustang?

    See Sixth generation (2015–present) "Euro NCAP crash-tested the left hand drive (LHD) European version of the 2017 Mustang which received only two stars due to the lack of auto safety features such as lane assist and auto braking. EuroNCAP also...
  11. UK Customers

    (Insert expletive here) 13-14 months wait is ridiculous and taking the pee. I hope the trade in value has kept the same.
  12. Why does it take so long to update software.

    There are different electronic modules which work together to control the cars various functions. The Mach e happens to have a lot of them. All cars have modules (even 💩fossil cars).
  13. Latest UK Power Up

    Probably "Update failed" like I got. Still no 2.3 for me yet.
  14. UK Customers

    Well, had my first instance of hate today. Was parked in Halfords Derby to get a new tyre pressure gauge which probably took 5 minutes. Parked well away from other vehicles. Returned and saw that someone had tipped coffee all over the bonnet lid and down the drivers side wing. There is a...
  15. Ecall Error Message

    Thanks Tony. I'll contact the dealer with something else to look at. Honestly, I've never had a new car in my life with so many warranty issues in the first 6 months. (I still love driving it though).
  16. Ecall Error Message

    Looked in the search but couldn't find anything relevant other the original eCall fix on the initial batch of cars. When starting I got a message about non functioning eCall and to contact the dealer for service. I noticed that the ecall button was glowing bright red through the cover on the...
  17. bZ4X likely available this month

    All it needs is the car to say "By your command" when using any voice commands.
  18. bZ4X likely available this month

    Looks like somebody hit it with the ugly stick. 🤪💩
  19. UK Only - OTA Poll

    Thanks Proximus. One day we'll all be on the same version and then it should be easier to keep track. :)
  20. UK Only - OTA Poll

    Sorry, was late at night. I mean vertical :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: . It's strange that FordPass informed me that 2.1.0 had been installed on the 8th April when it had previously told me it had been installed earlier in April. In between these 2 dates my car told me...