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  1. Best Dog Rear Seat Cover

    The covers that also fit over the front headrests are far superior IMO. Not only do they keep the car cleaner they are also a lot safer for the dog as you brake.
  2. Damaged Before Delivery

    Cars get dinged in transit on a regular basis. The vast majority are simply repaired and the buyer is unaware.
  3. Could Charging Speed Increase to 350 kW via OTA?

    The lifespan of current EVs is most likely going to be fairly short. Tesla owners have seen range steadily decreasing year on year. A lot of the EVs produced today will most likely be scrapped within ten years. Hopefully the current R&D will result in more durable technologies like solid...
  4. When Your Mach E Runs Out Of Juice!

    He could have definitely used a little more common sense and made sure he was in a safer location when the car died. Informative video though and great to see the car exceeding the range estimate.
  5. Mach-E switching to LFP Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) says Jim Farley

    We will see a lot of change in battery technology in the next few years. Currently batteries have a useful life of around ten years. That means most EVs will have very diminished resale value after five years. Lets face it the folks that buy 8+ year old cars don't have the money to replace...
  6. Ford not accepting outside financing on Mach-e?

    Just get a Suntrust lightstream loan. Pretty good interest rates and they don't require a lien. The money is usually in your bank account within 48 hours of application. Then just pay cash.
  7. Mach-E is One Of Top 15 Used Cars More Expensive Than New

    It really depends on the trade. We are in the process of buying a Wrangler from Carvana and have two possible trades; they are $2k under BB on one trade and $5k over BB on the other.
  8. Have to replace all 4 tires at once?

    Its always recommend to have tires with similar wear on an axle; a mismatch can cause issues under heavy breaking. If you replace one axle the newer tires should be on the rear because having more grip on the front under braking is potentially dangerous. Therefore if you drive a car with...
  9. Have to replace all 4 tires at once?

    If the tire on the same axle has significant wear it always better to replace both tires on teh axle. If you are replacing tires on one axle the new tires need to be on the rear axle for safety reasons. Therefore if a front tire needs replacing and the front and rear axles have different...
  10. Nissan, NASA aim to ditch rare, pricey metals in solid-state batteries

    Toyota have been testing prototype solid state EVs, and even expect to get one to market in the next year. If solid state batteries hit the market it will be a game changer for EVs. They have so many advantages over lithium batteries. Up to 2.5 density, 4-6 times faster charging, better cold...
  11. Have I Just Been Hoodwinked

    If you used a CC for the deposit simply reverse the charge with the CC company.
  12. What to do about someone who unplugged my car

    Maybe have it punishable with Saudi style punishments like lose a hand for first offense, both arms if you do it again.
  13. What to do about someone who unplugged my car

    And what crime would you be reporting?
  14. How much are you really saving

    We were using 530 gallons a year in my wife's car. The Mach E is being charged by surplus solar and a free charger at her place of work; so we are saving 530 times whatever gas is selling for.
  15. Dealer add on junk (alarm, tint, paint protection, edge guards, etc) when you picked up your MME ?

    Its their car to sell. You can try and negotiate the price down but they are doing nothing illegal.
  16. Would you have ordered the Mach E if there was no Tax Credit available?

    A definite no for us. We didn't need a new car and its not the best time to buy one with the supply shortages. This will be a fairly heavy tax year for us and we have around 6-7kWh spare solar capacity so the math adds up.
  17. Charging Station Congestion

    Tesla are an awful company to deal with. After five months of design, permitting and planning they cancelled my installation a week before it was due to be installed. Not re-scheduled just an email saying they no longer service the area and cancelled wasting five months. A friend has been...
  18. Charging Station Congestion

    EV charging fits perfectly with the large convenience stations like WaWa and Buc-ees.
  19. Charging Costs (on the road)

    Firstly I never once said DC chargers, its on road charging in general. Even faster AC chargers are three times the local cost of teh ecltricifty. Other countries have the same issues but the delta between home and on road costs is fairly small. In fact in the UK its pretty much the same...
  20. Charging Costs (on the road)

    The whole point is a gallon of "energy" is currently costing three times more than a gallon of gasoline; one actually costs less than a third for the raw materials, probably a fifth when you consider power stations use a less refined fuel and they are much more efficient than an ICE. Start ups...