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  1. Interesting issue I can’t seem to figure out.

    When I used the car to locate chargers it shows all of the distances in metric. The navigation and display is set to standard but for some reason this one function I cannot figure out how to change. Anyone else see this?
  2. People really notice the Mach-E

    There's two reasons we bought a Mach-E, one is we have three kids that visit and we needed a spare car. The second is my wife was looking for something a bit less noticeable than her Cherry Red Taycan with body colored wheels. However, she went to the gym this am and I get a text, "So the...
  3. Finally made a decision.

    My wife and I have been going around and around about a new EV. She drove a 2022 GTPE in early March and we didn’t want to pay the 10k mark up on the car. Also, MME GTPE is already a bit pricey. Yes we could’ve gotten a lower spec car but the one “must“ have was the magnetic ride...
  4. 2022 GTPE

    I’ve not seen any of the ‘22 Mach-E vehicles equipped with the PE option. has that been dropped or is a victim of supply chain issues? I see it is still on the site for configuration purposes.
  5. Questions about Mach-E Perf

    I drive an enormous Ram 2500 Power Wagon and it's getting to be a bit much moving around my smallish beach town. I mostly park it 3 miles away at the a ferry and commute to NY, take it to MetLife to tailgate and recently did a 4k road trip to my place in FL and back. The trip really exposed...