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  1. Another Mach-E Crash Report and Repair Cost Estimate

    Did it include a battery? I'm worried that when they take it apart at the body shop the clock will start again for replacement parts and it will be moths more on top of the weeks waiting for the appointment. We are really missing the Mach-E. The F150 is nice enough but it only gets 20mpg if we...
  2. 20,000 Mile Update - No Issues to Report

    No, Okeechobee. My wife hid to fully grown pigs on separate occasions a couple years ago on the way to Lake Placid. But it was a Ford Expedition and we had a rig on the front of it the tow it behind the motorhome show that took some of the damage it was only like $1,500. I'm afraid they're going...
  3. 20,000 Mile Update - No Issues to Report

    We were really happy with ours, and especially when gasoline went over $4 per gallon. Routine maintenance consisted of a free inspection and a $26 tire rotation. Unfortunately the collision avoidance system apparently does not see young wild pigs at night any better than my 66 year old eyes...
  4. Another Mach-E Crash Report and Repair Cost Estimate

    Last week I hit four small boar and while I'm sure I have at least $10,000 worth of damage, the collision-warning/ collision avoidance system did not do anything.
  5. FPL Charge at Home Program

    Your Mustang Mach e comes with a portable level 2 charger
  6. Friend wrecked my Mach-E - Totaled vs Repair? We walked away unharmed

    It also doesn't work when hitting four young wild boar at 60mph.
  7. FPL Charge at Home Program

    The off peak rate is ZERO.
  8. FPL Charge at Home Program

    $31/month for unlimited off peak and weekends if you already have the 240v circuit, $38 if they have to put one in from scratch...
  9. My Assessment of BlueCruise

    My question is, what do I have to do to get it? I have 17,000 miles on my Mustang Mach e rear wheel drive extended battery premium that I bought last April. And still no blue Cruise
  10. 'Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power' followed by 'Service Vehicle Soon' alert displayed

    We just had it come on here in Florida, the temp was in the 60s.
  11. Custom Vanity Plates - What's Yours?

    I have Florida plate "S HOOVES"
  12. 500 Miles Logged: My 1st Impressions

    I bought one off the lot. I saw it Thursday night after hours and was there in the morning on Friday to buy it. I wanted the long-range battery and I didn't need all wheel drive and that's exactly what they had along with another that was already sold that had the standard range battery...
  13. Foot Activated Rear Hatch

    We now have almost 4,000 miles in the three months that we had our Mach e. Foot activated Automatic tailgate Lift only worked the first day at the dealership. It works fine if using the key or pressing the button but the foot activation is missing in action. It just hasn't been worth taking to...
  14. Ford Connected Charge Station installation - DIY instructions writeup

    I decided to go with the Grizzl e charger. When I bought my Mustang the dealership didn't have any Ford Chargers and didn't know when they would. Plus it was about half the price. It's a little bit faster than the portable charger and I like keeping portable in the car at all times but when I'm...
  15. No Tax Credit Over $100K Income, Or Over $40K Vehicle, So Says The Senate, NonBindingly

    But you know what they're actually going to do is they're going to keep the gasoline tax and then put a mileage tax on everyone including ice vehicles.
  16. No Tax Credit Over $100K Income, Or Over $40K Vehicle, So Says The Senate, NonBindingly

    Why not? The top few percent of income pays more taxes than the rest. The bottom 50$ of the population pay no income taxes at all.
  17. Rt 1 vs Premium

    True, and I like that even better, but we also have US 1 that goes all the way from Mile Marker "0" in Key West to the Georgia Border and then all the way through Maine. It goes through almost every little town on the East Coast of Florida.
  18. Rt 1 vs Premium

    Maybe they should have called it the Route 1 Florida Edition.
  19. Rt 1 vs Premium

    I couldn't care less about heated seats, what I miss on the Premium is air-conditioned seats. Even my 2018 Chevy Equinox had that. Half the country will never use a heated seat but even up North gets to be in the 90s in summer.
  20. What percent of your charging is done at home?

    I actually have a separate meter for our shop, which isn't air conditioned for the most part (one storage room is at 82° and my wood shop is only when I'm actually using it), the majority of the shop is used for vehicle storage and not air-conditioned. If we plugged the Mach e in there a plan...