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  1. 20,000 Mile Update - No Issues to Report

    Any Ford had to buy mine back before it reached 10k... Glad you are enjoying it. I couldn't trust it again.

    Did you go through Ford or have to go through the BBB? I had to do the latter because Ford denied my request even though it was clearly a lemon (53 days in the shop). Happy it’s working out for you all, definitely feeling a little shorted by Ford. Not a good experience for me overall. Grabbed an...

    Your options will most likely not include you getting a new GTPE unless you find one on a lot. I did a buyback and that was it. They "tried" to find one in my region unsuccessfully. Good luck
  4. Grizzl-E Mini Availability

    I bought the Shell Recharge. Looks like it has more adjustable amperage’s. My understanding was the Grizzle mini Re-release was expected last summer
  5. What to do about someone who unplugged my car

    My new EV6 has lock options and is currently set to stay locked until it finishes charging (J1772 and Fast)
  6. Undisclosed TESLATAP 15% Discount, EXPIRES 3/22/22 Order NOW!! NEW ORDERS ONLY

    Any updates? I’ve got a Lectron on order. Wondering if there are any tangible advantages to the Tesla tap from a charger compatibility standpoint.
  7. Hmm, I do not think an EV 6 is in my future.

    How's that drivers seat legroom? I keep dreaming of the days in my VW Bus when I didn't have my knee/leg hitting the middle console. Also, are the seats typical Hyundai seats? I usually find them a little narrow and firm. What's interesting about the EV6 and the Ionic 5 is that you can trade-off...
  8. Hmm, I do not think an EV 6 is in my future.

    I could tell a difference in driving with the 235's vs the 225's and if you want to compare them at the same price point, the GT-Line (still ~2k cheaper than the premium AWD ER) has 255's. The MachE premium tires are too small and get lose around turns when accelerating. I didn't have that in...
  9. DIY How To: Add Hands-free liftgate back to 2022 Mach-E

    I bet you can! If you follow his instructions on how to check to see if you have the module, I am sure folks will help you with the steps to get setup to enable it. Give it a try
  10. Hmm, I do not think an EV 6 is in my future.
  11. Hmm, I do not think an EV 6 is in my future.

    I think it’s a great MachE competitor and they both check a lot of boxes and a few different ones. My main concern with the EV6 over the MachE right now is the depreciation. I am guessing it will depreciate much faster.
  12. 'Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power' followed by 'Service Vehicle Soon' alert displayed

    Mine took over 6 weeks and half a high voltage battery replacement. Hope they are more familiar and better equipped to deal with this now.
  13. Update Apr 8: 😭Mach N Cheese: STOP SAFELY NOW!😭

    From what I’ve experienced, Ford may not be ready for this. Might be time for me to reconsider my options
  14. TSB 22-2117 - Fix for Stuck Power-Up 1.7.1 Update

    Thanks for asking. I’ve been looking for another MachE while checking out the EV6. I like a lot of things about the EV6, but the driving assist features aren’t as good and that’s something I use a lot
  15. 2021 Premier-New at Dealer or Order 2022 and Wait?

    Buy now, order now, sell current one when your order comes in. Double your tax credits and there is a strong probability you will come out ahead on the sale. You also get to try the car out and make sure you love it before your long term order arrives.
  16. TSB 22-2117 - Fix for Stuck Power-Up 1.7.1 Update

    The terms are generally mandated by the state of purchase lemon laws. Ohio for instance is the full amount including tax, etc
  17. TSB 22-2117 - Fix for Stuck Power-Up 1.7.1 Update

    My lemon law buyback is scheduled for next week (numerous issues including this). I probably could have forecasted a fix coming a few days before. Not sure if you’d qualify for a lemon, but worth taking a look.
  18. Confidence is eroding on my Mach-E

    I've had the exact opposite experience. Use it all the time. The key for me is understanding it is driver assist and its strengths and weaknesses.
  19. Compensation for no foot activated liftgate and laminated front windows?

    Sorry if I missed it, but could the kick sensor be added by the owner by adding a part?