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  1. Unable to select automatic updates on.

    I haven’t received an update since July. I believe I received update maybe 1.7 then 1.4. Not sure why that order. I just checked to make sure my updates were turned on and I can toggle automatic updates to the right but it doesn’t turn blue and doesn’t hold in position when I return to the...
  2. Delete

  3. How to tell what software version my Mach-E is running?

    Is there a way to tell what software version the car is running? I bought my car a couple of weeks ago and I'm having issues with Lane Keeping, PAAK, CarPlay, cameras, tailgate, and some others I can't think of right now. I keep waiting for an OTA update hoping some of the issues will get...
  4. Mach E Owners Without Issues

    As I can tell from joining this forum there are a lot of different issues with the Mach E. I know with a new model of car there are going to be some issues but there seems to be an inordinate amount of issues with this vehicle. I would like to hear from some owners that have had the vehicle...
  5. New delivery date.

    After checking this morning, I noticed my delivery date change from July 26 to October 31. Has anyone had this happen and still get the car on or near the initially scheduled delivery date?
  6. Battery Charging to 100% for 4 months.

    I’m looking at buying a demo Premium Mach E AWD LR. The dealer has had it for 4 months and 3300 miles. They’ve been charging to 100% the entire time. Anyone with any knowledge of battery technology know how bad this could be on the battery, or is it an issue at all? Thanks for any information.
  7. One Pedal Drive Issue

    When I take the Mach E (Premium, AWD, LR,) out for the first time of the day with it in Unbridled Mode/one pedal drive and accelerate to 65-70 mph and let go of the accelerator the car and steering wheel shake as though there is a warped rotor/rotors. It's actually pretty bad. Only 3000 miles on...