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  1. Mach E doors dent easily

    Weight necessitates thinner metal. EV's are all about efficiency to maximize range because minor things (like wheels) can have such huge impacts. Minimizing body weight maximizes range.
  2. Mach-E switching to LFP Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) says Jim Farley

    do you have a source for that? I would be very surprised to even see LFP batteries in a GT as they tend to not get used in performance applications.
  3. Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    My car has been at the dealership going on 3 days now so sorry to ask again but just want to see if they have even done anything yet! can you please check 3FMTK3SUXMMA06038 again? Thank you!
  4. No all season tire option with GT performance edition

    This is pretty standard for performance vehicles even with AWD. No All season option for my focus RS (And if there was I wouldn't buy it because it's stupid to me to buy the ultra performance spec of a vehicle and then completely gimp it with no-season tires). Reading through this it appears...
  5. Chart on warm and cold EPA mile adjustments -- how temperature affects Mach-E battery range

    This is worthless data. It's literally just them taking the range predictions from the GOM's and calling that the cold vs warm range. Tesla doesn't predict for weather ford does, so this is apples and oranges. No driving data In this.
  6. BlueOval Charge Network Upgrade Available (to BlueOval Electrify America Membership)

    I made another thread about this issue without realizing it was already being discussed here! I spent 45 minutes on hold get transferred all over ford until someone could answer (sort of) my question on this issue. They stated ford is aware that some vin's do not get the discounted rate and are...
  7. BlueOval Electrify America Membership - Not working at the moment!

    So not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but the BlueOval Electrify America Membership that is basically $50/year to match the rates your get with EA Pass + was released last month, I immediately signed up and paid the $50, only to realize that after charging I still am being billed the...
  8. Volta and Walgreens announcing DCFC at 500 locations

    In what world is 10KW charging similar to 50KW? I would like 150KW Stations, but 50KW is excellent for a station at a place your running errands. 150KW+ is most useful off interstates, 50KW is just fine in towns. If I can charge at 50KW while picking up my prescription that's excellent!
  9. Glass Roof and Windshield Recall (too early)

    I STRONGLY recommend avoiding Fremont ford FYI, their service department broke a part on my 4 day old focus RS and bricked the car for 28 days and didn't want to take ownership of it, only going through ford corporate did I get resolution. Then once giving it back they drove it through their...
  10. Experienced an increase to my charging speed over 80% [from 21P22 Software Calibration]

    It seems to go above 90% as well, I didn't snag a photo. It today I was charging and it stayed at 40kw all the way and into 90% where I finally unplugged
  11. Experienced an increase to my charging speed over 80% [from 21P22 Software Calibration]

    Nothing about pre conditioning in the infotainment system, maps, or app unfortunately :/
  12. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    I can't confirm, they did supposedly update everything they could, but this was the first mach-e they were working on and were still very new with all the software stuff.
  13. Experienced an increase to my charging speed over 80% [from 21P22 Software Calibration]

    Oh awesome, I guess I missed that thread. Glad ford is listening on some things!
  14. Experienced an increase to my charging speed over 80% [from 21P22 Software Calibration]

    So long story, but the short is my mach-e has been in an out of the dealership for the last few months diagnosis some software issues regarding OTA. Ford finally decided to replace the APIM module and had it programmed off-site and shipped to the dealership pre updated to install. Not sure...
  15. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    So update, I finally got my car back after having the apim replaced. It seemed to fix the update issue as I now have note and a (non working) frunk button. Also not sure how, but my car now fast charges past 80% all the way up to 90% I was getting between 40 and 50 kw charging
  16. Mach e GTPE Loosing power after just 5sec and even less after just 2 fast corners

    This isn't anything crazy. This even happens in the ice world of performance cars. Street cars don't have the cooling to sustain the power modern engines/motors put out. Instead of having to run crazy cooling they often give you either short bursts of max power, or a reduced but sustainable...
  17. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Still waiting on the APIM, its been a bit over a week since they ordered it. Apparently it gets sent to a third party to program and they have no idea when it will actually come in.
  18. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Same exact outcome for me except we got a 2 door bronco (base, but still!).
  19. EA Pass+

    I don't know the manufactures, but they are the newer EA stations with the 2 plugs in the front with the display. Every EA station I have seen that has come online within the last 6 months has had these same units.