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  1. Do orders placed via the dealer receive email updates?

    We placed an A-plan order through a dealer (ie not a web order, order code is 9999) last year before the price increases. We were wondering if changes in order status are sent to the customer too or only the dealer. Paranoid that they are going to just sell it since they can make 10-15k more...
  2. Mach-E switching to LFP Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) says Jim Farley

    Just be glad they arent putting a gas engine in it like Dodge 😜
  3. A good look under the hood / frunk of my Mach-E (with parts labeled)

    Epic job. Maybe the shared low watt PTC is why some people in bitter cold (eg canada) have trouble staying warm
  4. Dealerships requesting tax break from Congress- Write your congressperson!

    I don't think there's a member here who hasn't been screwed by a dealership either by absurd markups, poor service, or general incompetence. Those dealerships are now begging congress for a tax break - the same dealerships charging 3-30k over MSRP and pocketing the difference...
  5. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Weeks 5/30 Through 6/27

    They dont care because they’ll keep your order for themselves and mark it up 20k the dealer model will be the end of traditional car manufacturers hopefully ford can break free with the all ev division
  6. Jim Farley interview with The Verge has some interesting Mach E nuggets

    Big bummer about Sync compatibility i dont have high hopes of updates for old sync software based on Fords track record. My 2012 mustang got an update in 2015 that broke Siri and there hasnt been an update since then.
  7. 2023 Mustang Mach-E speculation

    The android automotive OS was supposed to be released in 2023. I wonder if that’s going in
  8. Price level

    I believe the original poster is referring to the price level box that is listed on the dealer order form. This corresponds to the price at the time of purchase. For example mine says price level 215 because I ordered in November. People who have posted here ordering after the December price...
  9. Forgiato EV 001 Wheels for Mustang Mach-E Gloss Black - Ready to Ship

    Throwing in another vote for an 18 inch rim wider than stock - I think a lot of people would want a good looking, aero rim with wider tires.
  10. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (4/18) For Build Weeks 5/30 Through 6/27

    I dont think anyone can say. GTs are heavily prioritized. I’ve seen people getting a GT ordered in 2022 built within 2 months. Meanwhile you and I are sitting here with premiums from Oct/Nov. for all we know your dealer will get several GTs before yours
  11. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (4/18) For Build Weeks 5/30 Through 6/27

    Rep I called said there was no such thing as a hold up on scheduling due to park assist. 😒 Im over it.. if they build the car this year I’ll take it, if they dont I’ll just have to buy a different car.
  12. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (4/18) For Build Weeks 5/30 Through 6/27

    so that is what I contacted Ford today for. I had asked my dealer and he literally had never heard of it lol. Ford said today there didnt seem to be anything requiring change on my order. So I’m left confused…
  13. ⏱ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (4/18) For Build Weeks 5/30 Through 6/27

    I spoke with Ford chat and my order is listed as "Unscheduled - Balance Out". Anyone had something similar? Does that mean it's to be in the last group of cars made for 2022, or that it might switch over to 23? This Ford Canada form does not look good to me (im in the US)...
  14. Update Apr 8: 😭Mach N Cheese: STOP SAFELY NOW!😭

    I don't think anyone can say but Ford. They're unfortunately not the best communicators - I am not aware of any official recognition of this issue, but for all we know they are trolling the forums and aware/working on it.
  15. Park Assist removed and changed to Park Assist Prep Kit on all 2022 MME

    I asked my dealer about this and he was completely clueless about it. So either I'll never get a car or that might not be correct