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  1. Different drive Mode

    Can someone give me a run down on the difference between the different drive modes. I'm not feeling much of a difference when I switch between them.
  2. Difficulty modulating brakes

    I have a GTPE, I'm not sure if it makes a difference as they have bigger brakes. I find it really hard to modulate the brakes to come to a smooth stop. The brakes are really grabby. Also the when traveling at highway speed, and needing to brake, but not slamming it, I find the transition from...
  3. Quick thoughts on my new GTPE from a current Model Y owner

    Finally brought home a Grabber blue GTPE yesterday. I ordered it in July 2021. It was then converted from a '21 to a 22 in October and entered production in Jan 17,22. Built that week and was scheduled for delivery in late March, but somehow it ended up at the dealership last week. What a...
  4. Preparing for new Mach-e

    I looks like my Mache is schedule for deliver in late March. I'm planning to use the Ford Option plan. Do I contact the dealer ahead of time to get it arrange, or do it when I'm ready to pick up the SUV? Also will the finance guy know all the incentives with the Option plan, or do I have to...
  5. Where do you find the most current Ford Option incentive?

    Where do you find the most current Ford Option incentives and rates?