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  1. Valkyrja

    Long holiday trip via Mach-e GT

    My wife and I had a last minute opportunity to spend time with family over XMas and so we threw everything into a completely charged MME GTPE and hit the road. My garage kept car got dirty. We went from beautiful Palm Springs, CA to Flagstaff, AZ and then on to Albuquerque, NM. We had sunny...
  2. Valkyrja

    Changes coming to the GT?

    We already have one on order, a GTPE in Star White. My wife went online to put together a build and asked why the price was a bit lower than what we had reserved our car for with no ADM. Tried another build and it came in cheaper and the Star White kept disappearing (At this point we had gone...
  3. Valkyrja

    PV dedicated charging - off the grid goodness

    So my wife is engineering what will be our in-house charging for the Mach-e GT. Still waiting on a build date so we have plenty of time. Thinking about adding more solar panels to the roof as dedicated supply to a charger. We only see 10 bad days of weather per year and have excellent morning...