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  1. EELinneman

    How can the GOM be this bad? Any tips for consumer steps to improve?

    This weekend drove to the airport and back as well as some errands then plugged in last evening. Ford Pass is telling me that it added 89 miles with 32 kWh. Sounds reasonable, except I actually drove 132 miles, not 89. While I can understand that this is a prediction, it's a really bad one...
  2. EELinneman

    My neighborhood is improving

    While on a walk, my wife and spotted a new car on our street. I'll try to get the story, but we have a new Polestar on my street! Plus, I've seen another silver GT PE a couple of times now.
  3. EELinneman

    The Range Fairy paid us a visit!

    It seems like every day during winter we get a post from somebody who is asking what happened to their range! Somedays more than 1 it seems. Well, it hit 89 degrees here in Colorado on Saturday and sometime that night the Range Fairy paid a visit to my house and sprinkled her magic dust all...
  4. EELinneman

    Asking prayers

    Please take this with the understanding a large amount of humor. I'm doing driving school with my wife this evening in the GT. She is petrified to drive this, but we have to do this. Some history: when she and I first met, I tried and tried to teach her how to drive a manual transmission, but...
  5. EELinneman

    Not sure how I feel about the Shelby MME

    Article here, but seems like a half step
  6. EELinneman

    Very informative video on the Lucid Motors battery design

    Pretty insightful in my opinion. Makes me wonder when Ford will switch from packet to cylindrical cells
  7. EELinneman

    Ford setting up "Electric University"

  8. EELinneman

    Day Light Saving Time switch + Departure Time = Ailurefay!

    So, got into my car this morning to run my Sunday morning errands and discovered that the switch to DST made the car not do the set departure time preconditioning. The time on the car changed, both the car and the phone show that the departure time is set and activated, it just didn't happen...
  9. EELinneman

    Smoked Tesla S - care of Mach-E

    I want to preface this by saying I know that I shouldn't do this. And, usually, my wife is good at moderating any aggressive behavior behind the wheel, but, she was an active participant. Where we live here in Colorado there is one main road in and out of the neighborhood. There...
  10. EELinneman

    Ford Pass 4.10 Ignores 100% Charge Request

    I plugged my car in last night and used the option on Ford Pass to charge to 100% since I have a long drive planned today. The car charged to the default setting of 90%. Double checked in both the app and car and it ignored the 100% request. The lack of quality and consistency with Ford's...
  11. EELinneman

    More fun courtesy of Ford Pass!

    I have my doubts! But, it would be amazing
  12. EELinneman

    Scoopman makes the Youtube Big Time

    @scoopman and his Mach N Cheese made it into the Wham Bam Dashcam at about the 4:30 point. Well done good sir! I saw the weinermobile at DIA one time and tweeted that it was the best Uber ride ever. Got in trouble for that!
  13. EELinneman

    Tesla FSD does rolling stops???

    At least in Colorado, that can get you a ticket. I wonder how long until they decide that their cameras are good enough to decide if you can blow through red lights? Tesla 'Full Self-Driving' beta features an 'Assertive' mode with rolling stops (
  14. EELinneman

    Ford "We've worked out a few bugs" message in FordPass

    Anybody else get the mea culpa message from Ford in their FP messages?
  15. EELinneman

    Happy new year fellow MME owners, fans and admirers

    Happy new year to all of you out there. Best wishes for a fast charging to 100%, no error codes, timely deliver, no-ADM, frequent and consistent over-the-air updating, functional and stable Ford Pass, blue cruise enabled 2022 to all of you!
  16. EELinneman

    Highly recommended iPhone mount

    I bought the Jowua magnetic mount and put it on the back of the center screen. It’s metal and folds away. So far it has held my 13 pro max with a case through the bumpy Colorado roads well.
  17. EELinneman

    Very disappointing EA experience

    I thought I'd give EA a go today and it went from bad to comical. For those of you in Denver, I tried the 3 chargers on Bowles just east of C-470 in the Wal Mart parking lot. The first one would connect, validate the payment and start charging but immediately fail. I called EA and they reset...
  18. EELinneman

    It looks like BP is getting into the charging business

    For fleets right now, but it makes me wonder if this will translate into charging stations at gas stations in the future. bp acquires EV fleet charging provider AMPLY Power – pv magazine USA (
  19. EELinneman

    Home 240v Charging Efficiency

    Just asking what others are seeing as charging efficiency. I am using an Evelx JuiceBox 40 Amp charger (Costco version) at home. I topped the car to 90% and set up preconditioning. Took a trip this morning - 18.7 miles each direction including a ittle fun with another GT PE on the freeway on...
  20. EELinneman

    FordPass - somebody should get fired

    I'm struggling with FordPass. Same as everybody else - PaaK setup on iOS is a goat rodeo. It thinks I'm in Detroit when trying to set departure times. The thing crashes like the Hindenburg, and it times out so often that I think this is the secret name for it - Timeout! And, I have stable...