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  1. 121gigawatts

    Brakes messed up for 3rd time

    Bought my MME back at the end of spring last year. I've got about 17900 miles on it and love the car. Unfortunately this is the third time I'm having to take the car to the dealership because the brakes are acting up. First time was at 6-7k miles where they just grinded the pads down and...
  2. 121gigawatts

    Ford Tech Won't Install Tires

    Hello, I've got my car at a Ford dealership because the brakes got warped. Because they're under warranty for the first 12 months/18k miles they're taking care of it. While it's there I asked if they could get 255/50 r19's Michelin Primacy Touring A/S to upgrade the back tires. (OEM 225/55/R19...
  3. 121gigawatts

    Major Android Auto Glitching

    I've had issues with android auto since I got the car. - Switching apps on the phone connected to android auto stops the music. - Not reconnecting if stepping away from the car and leaving it on. - Multiple times it has refused to connect requiring not just putting the phone into airplane mode...
  4. 121gigawatts

    Spotify/YouTube stopping when switching apps (Android Auto)

    Whenever I have Android Auto on, if I go on my phone and open an app (chrome, messages, electrify america) it stops the music. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps but it seems to keep happening. It doesn't matter if I open an unopened app or switch the apps. Is this an Android...
  5. 121gigawatts

    Extra 35 Day Wait

    My MME was shipped April 21st, with an ETA of May 18th. Checking it this morning, it's now changed to delivery on June 16th. According to Palsapp, the vehicle was delivered to Kansas city on May 7th. I'm in GA, and the original timing seemed accurate but this comes really out of nowhere. The...