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  1. Mach-E switching to LFP Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) says Jim Farley

    The big thing here is using Iron in place of Nickle which reduces cost. Tesla is also including LFP in its battery mix.
  2. What to do about someone who unplugged my car

    In many places there are rules about occupying a charger while not actively charging. The trouble is that they are almost never enforced. Here in the LA area the only place I have seen anyone ticketed for blocking a charger is in Santa Monica (Prius parked in a charger spot) The protocol is...
  3. 2022 Mach-e sold out

    I just read on that that it is no longer possible to order a 2022 Mach-e. The relevant passage says, " Due to high demand, the current model year is no longer available for retail order. Limited inventory may be available at selected dealers. Contact your dealer for more...
  4. Your order has been updated

    I got another of the "Your order has been changed" emails. This time it looks like Ford are telling me that the wait time has increased because of supply issues with certain options (it doesn't say which). Oh well, looks like I might end up not getting the full $7,500 tax credit.
  5. Your order has been updated

    I just got another "Your order has been changed" email. As far as I can tell, the change is that the active park assist prep kit now shows a price of -$325.00. Not sure if this feature has been removed or it is just a price change. @Ford Motor Company if you are going to send out these emails...
  6. Your order has been updated

    I also go this email this morning. I reached out to my dealer to see if they new anything but so far no response back.
  7. Hoping this helps keep ADM in check

    I decided to bite the bullet and place an order for Grabber Blue Mach-e Select. Galpin Ford said they would honor MSRP on Mach-e orders but I have still to get that in writing. Now the wait begins.
  8. Hoping this helps keep ADM in check

    DCH Ford in Thousand Oaks has some in inventory but they have a $7,500 ADM. I really want to change my car but not at those mark-ups. I'm still waiting to hear from the VW dealerships in the area that have Id.4 in inventory.
  9. Hoping this helps keep ADM in check

    Doesn't look like it will make much difference, I just got a quote from Galpin Ford for an Escape PHEV with a $3,000 ADM. The sales person said they would not take MSRP for this car. It's not just Ford dealers though, I have been looking at the Kia Niro. I got two quotes one that wanted a...
  10. Electric car Parking etiquette?

    I live in Los Angeles and early on there were times when chargers were rarely used and icing was common. Now that chargers are heavily utilized I rarely see spots iced, and mostly when chargers are blocked it is an EV not charging. I have found that even when you have rules about about how the...
  11. A 1000-Mile Race in 11 EVs, Including the Mach-E (by Car and Driver)

    The latest leaf long range model has an EPA range of 226 miles which is not that much less than the Mach-e. I suspect the issue was that Nissan still use the ChaDemo charging standard not CCS and they are probably not as available. That's the reason I would not consider a Leaf as my next EV...
  12. Mach-e for sale in Dealerships

    I think I just figured this out. I checked Sunrise Ford in Fontana and they are showing the same 17 Mach-e so that probably means these are the ones that Sunrise has across all its dealerships. I also took a look at Santa Monica Ford and they are showing 3 Mach-e. They don't show any price...
  13. Mach-e for sale in Dealerships

    This is Weird - I just checked Sunrise Ford in North Hollywood and they are listing 17 Mach-e on their website. 14 are Select models and 3 are Route 1. I thought that there was a 24 week wait for cars - seems a bit odd. The website lists only the MSRP so no idea if they have huge markups...
  14. Mach-e for sale in Dealerships

    Galpin Ford in West Hills, CA (San Fernando Valley/LA Area) has 3 Mach-e listed for sale right now. All three are Select Models with 68KWh battery packs. If anyone is interested in skipping the queue then here is a link.
  15. It the $7,500 tax credit cut-off by MODEL or manufacturer?

    Th tax credit begins to fade out after the manufacturer sells a total of 200,000 plug-in cars. For Ford that would be the total of the Focus EV, C-Max Energi, Fusion Energi, and Mach-E combined.
  16. Mach-E Mustangs on eBay

    3 more Mach-e on eBay. Ford Overstock in Tampa, FL have a white premium Mac Haik Ford in Huston, TX has added a white premium. Champion Ford in...
  17. Mach-E Mustangs on eBay

    4 more Mach-e on eBay. Mac Haik Ford in Huston, TX has added some additional Mach-e on eBay.
  18. Mach-E Mustangs on eBay

    Mac Haik Ford in Huston, TX just added a 3rd Mach-e I wonder if they are getting a load of people not taking delivery because of all...
  19. Mach-E Mustangs on eBay

    There are a bunch more on eBay today. Rick Menicucci-Baxter Auto Group Omaha, NE Mac Haik Ford in Huston, TX has 2 listed...
  20. Red Premium Mach-E on sale at eBay

    Here is one other Red Premium for sale this time in PA