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  1. Accord07

    Shipping via Marine Vessels to East Coast Customers

    For those of us on the East Coast, it looks like Ford is indeed utilizing marine vessels in addition to rails. The first such instance was the Italian-flagged Grande Torino, which departed Veracruz on October 9 and unloaded 354 MME's in Newark, NJ on October 24. The second auto carrier...
  2. Accord07

    BlueCruise is not out yet, but a lawsuit has been filed already.
  3. Accord07

    Pre-Approved for up to $200K?!

    I submitted an order today. In the confirmation email I was told that I had been pre-approved by Ford Credit for up to (just under) $200,000. Maybe I should have ordered a Taycan instead? ?
  4. Accord07

    First Edition available in Wilmington, DE

    There is a First Edition in Rapid Red with black interior available for sale at Sheridan Ford in Wilmington, if someone in the area wants it. It just got off the train last Friday. When I test drove it, it was listed for sale at MSRP and they said X-Plan pricing would be accepted when I asked...