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  1. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    Wow, that's a long message! The multiple errors reading DIDs makes me thing your having trouble with the OBD cable/connector. What type of adapter are you using?
  2. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    Did the FDRS do the configuring after the USB portion? Can you look at the log in FDRS to see what it's showing?
  3. Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    Looks like they did all the BC updates... These are the only ones left and they don't affect BC.
  4. Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    They are working on it this morning. Some of these, when they get to them, will trigger additional updates to be done.
  5. TSB 22-2117 - Fix for Stuck Power-Up 1.7.1 Update

    If you'd like, PM your VIN number and I can look up what they actually did via FDRS. That may give you info to go back and talk with them.
  6. Navigation shows car 2 blocks away

    Not sure if this is the same issue or not, but when I updated the APIM module (Sync) it messed up the GPS for a little while. But I did a force reboot of Sync (while I was driving) and the GPS started working again immediately after the reboot. On the steering wheel controls, press and hold...
  7. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Not sure what charger/power supply you used, but I do know that a 20 amp should be able to keep up depending on the starting state of the 12V battery. I have a 20 amp charger/power supply. I made sure the battery was at a good state of charge before beginning and then put the charger in power...
  8. TSB 22-2182 - Lack/Loss Of Heat While Driving During Freezing Temperatures

    ACM = Audio Front Control Module ACCM = Air Conditioning Control Module HVAC = Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  9. Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 - BlueCruise Programming

    If your BC was working, it didn't go away. Sometimes, depending on the angle of the sun and the visibility of the lines, BC won't work at one time, and then it will the next. Also, it took almost a week before the BC showed in my connected services after the updates were installed and BC had...
  10. OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    There's one newer APIM/Sync module than the one you are on, but for most people, the version you're on is the one required for BlueCruise. The newer version was just released this past weekend.
  11. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    The crazy thing is that Sync4A can be updated via USB. That's what FDRS does to update it (the APIM module). It copies the files to a USB and then installs via USB. Just like the old Sync versions (from the original to Sync 4). It's just Ford isn't allowing us to download the Sync Update for...
  12. Mach-E's entire display screen interface to be refreshed later this year (per Farley)

    That's already there. Press and hold the volume knob and the calm screen will start...
  13. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    If I remember correctly, there are lights at the bottom right corner of the FDRS screen that will tell you if it's connected to Ford servers, the vehicle, and maybe one other.
  14. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    I followed the prompts in FDRS. Most of the non-USB updates prompt you to be in accessory mode (Key on, engine off). The USB updates prompt for Ready mode (Key On, engine on). I have no idea if it makes a difference other than the instructions were probably written for ICE vehicles.
  15. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    Yes, I messed up my original post and it's been edited. It should have been: