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  1. MachTee

    Wrench icon and clunking sound in rear and then all was fine

    My MME had its first real glitch after 8 months and 13K miles of ownership. Couple days ago I did as I normally would when the car is plugged in - remote start it 5-10 minutes before I leave to warm up the cabin. As soon as I pressed the charger release latch, all 5 segments of the ring of...
  2. MachTee

    Looking for insights as to dealer and bank relationship

    I made a deal to trade in one of my cars (not my MME!). Basically my car plus $500 is the cost of the new car, so I'd only be charged sales tax on $500. Day before my scheduled pickup, I emailed my salesman to confirm some details, and realized that I'd be taxed on ~$20K because that's what...
  3. MachTee

    MME (built in 3/2021 or before) owners underwhelmed with B&O sound system please read.

    I wanted to start a new thread to get better exposure to this issue. If you B&O sound system doesn't sound very loud even maxed out at 30, please visit your dealer and have them apply SSM49737. I'm not sure if this is only an issue with the B&O only or if it can also affect the standard sound...
  4. MachTee

    Model 3 owner test drove Mach E

    Having owned my Model 3 dual motor (long range) for nearly 3 years now, I test drove a Mach E today and came away very impressed. I was mainly interested to see its efficiency numbers. I drove the car for 22.7 miles, about 12 of which was highway going 70-75MPH, rest was local roads 40-50MPH...