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  1. New York Rapid Red AWD ER Premium in Goshen NY

    I am passing on this deal. Wanted to share in case anyone else could take advantage. No ADM, couldn't convince them to take X-Plan. Low doc fee. Healey Ford in Goshen, NY. I was dealing with Brett Hamilton, maybe another sales rep will do X-Plan? Good luck, please pose if you get it so I can...
  2. EV Specialty Plates in NC

    It looks like we are just 4 applications away (I just sent one in) from having an EV specialty license plate in NC. Hopefully some fellow EV owners will jump in and push us over the edge. North Carolina EV Specialty License Plate - Plug-in NC (
  3. Dealer near Charlotte/Cornelius that is certified to repair Mach-E?

    Hi, has anyone found a dealership around the Charlotte area that is able to service the Mach-E? I went to Mooresville today and they returned it to me after an hour and said they were not able to service the vehicle.
  4. PPF Installers around Charlotte/Cornelius NC

    Hi, I just purchased my MME and am looking into partial PPF. Does anyone have experience with any installers in the Cornelius/Mooresville/Charlotte area?
  5. Free HOV use for EV in NC - Where can we go?

    I'm wondering if anyone in the Charlotte or surrounding areas has tracked down where all we can drive for free in the HOV lanes? I am in the Cornelius area and am hoping I can use the I77 lanes, but didn't get any information when I called the NC Quickpass folks about it. Here is the statute...