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  1. Anyone in WI been able to use BlueCruise hands free yet?

    Yes. I have driven from Madison to Waukesha and back using handsfree. Highway 94 and 90 work well. Make sure in your settings for Driver Assistants you have lane centering for hands free selected on.
  2. Trying to buy off dealer lot - Wish me luck

    I would seriously consider selling your Expedition on your own. You could probably get $10K over what they'll give you on the trade.
  3. It's coming... (BlueCruise) to Mach-E purchased before the software was available

    Yeah, it's working great. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks for a windshield washer fluid sensor. I'm going to have them do any remaining updates or at least the HVAC that is outstanding.
  4. It's coming... (BlueCruise) to Mach-E purchased before the software was available

    I do not have 421. I’m only on Sync 364. I believe 421 came out the day after my car was updated and Blue Cruise installed.
  5. It's coming... (BlueCruise) to Mach-E purchased before the software was available

    I recently had the Blue Cruise update on a Job 1 vehicle. Works great! Did a 100 mile round trip and BC drove 80% of the drive. My car was a stuck on 1.7.1 for six months and I was more concerned about having this issue resolved but asked the dealership to do all available updates. They did...
  6. TSB 22-2182 - Lack/Loss Of Heat While Driving During Freezing Temperatures

    I definitely noticed this issue this winter in Wisconsin.
  7. FordPass - Scriptable Widget V2022.XX (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    My Widget Tool doesn’t seem to want to update. Says 1 instance to update, confirms the update but never really updates. Tool Version 2.1.0 The Ford widget did finally update.
  8. High Pitch Whine

    Mine does that too once in a while but then again she’s only in the car occasionally. :)
  9. Any Wisconsin Mach-E owners interested in a meet up?

    I might be if it works with my schedule.
  10. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    Looks like they’re pushing out updates now. Can’t wait to get back and see if OTA will work. I left it with auto updates on. I’m still not showing BC on my Connected Services. Hope it still works when I return.
  11. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    Interesting… Maybe it’s a good time to wait. They just unstuck 1.7.1 and did all the updates except HVAC. I think I’ll wait to see if any updates come OTA. That way I know it’s finally working, and then see if BC shows up in the Connected Services Thanks
  12. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    I did get 21G01 and BC works but it’s not showing up in Connected Services. I have a case number to have it looked at and thought I would have them do the HVAC update, then all these others showed up today. I’ll try and get them to do them all. Thanks
  13. New APIM/TCU/GMA updates

    Will they come OTA or need to go back to the dealer?
  14. What’s Next?

    I believe I have a Job 1 car, build 5/21 I think. I do not have the frunk button in my FordPass app. Should I have this? Thanks
  15. Why is my range growing? Will my battery explode?

    At least your range is going up. I had my plug upside down and all the electrons drained onto the floor. Now my range is zero! WTF! I don't know who or how it's going to get cleaned up. 😱
  16. Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 - BlueCruise Programming

    Look what I got. Not sure if it took a bit to activate or if highway 90 and 94 are not mapped in Madison but we were coming home from lunch today near where I took the car for service and my wife suggested I try the cruise control again. It was highway 151 coming in from Madison to Sun...
  17. Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 - BlueCruise Programming

    Thanks, I'll start down that path next week.
  18. Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 - BlueCruise Programming

    I'm having the same issue. Just picked up the car from the dealership. Was stuck on 1.7.1 since November. They did all but one update for HVAC and installed Blue Cruise. On the way home I turned on cruise control it said Blue Cruise On and I selected OK. Didn't see the hands free symbol in...