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  1. balataspin

    20,000 Mile Update - No Issues to Report

    Same on the updates, I think I am a few behind, but I doubt Blue Cruise has ever even heard of most of the roads we drive on.
  2. balataspin

    20,000 Mile Update - No Issues to Report

    I figured I would give an update on our 2021 Premium Extended Range AWD. My wife drives 80 miles a day for her commute to work across rural NY. Ordered December 23, 2020, picked up from dealer in middle of July 2021. Just passed 20,500 miles and there is really nothing to report. Did the...
  3. balataspin

    Creaking on acceleration

    It sounds more like like it's coming from the spring/shock area.
  4. balataspin

    Creaking on acceleration

    I heard this the other day when my wife was leaving for work in the morning. Ours has 6,000 miles on it.
  5. balataspin

    Mach e VS 2021 Nissan Leaf S Plus

    Take the mods off if you can or sell it on a local Fiesta/Focus ST Facebook group. I got almost what paid for my Focus ST when I traded it in for my Mach E after 5.5 years and 55,000 miles.
  6. balataspin

    Trying to Develop a SR vs ER payback calculator

    Based on the Premium ER AWD vs Select AWD demand in the Northeast, resale needs to be factored in for the big battery.
  7. balataspin

    Plug and Charge Working!! (was avoid plug and charge for now)

    I just activated from the desktop website, I got the enrolled email within about 10 minutes.
  8. balataspin

    My dealer called today, Ruby, my Mach E has arrived!

    I'm in Canandaigua, NY waiting anxiously for a call. Do you know when your car hit Kansas City?
  9. balataspin

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    My car was shipped June 5th, hit Kansas City June 17th and I still don't have it. Seems to be a rail car black hole between mid Ohio and Western New York.
  10. balataspin

    Finance Offers for Q3?

    Mine said the same, but I'm still skeptical. My delivery is imminent as well.
  11. balataspin

    PSA: PPF Does not Protect Against Large Mammals [sarcasm]

    All things considered you did a really good job mitigating damage to both parties.
  12. balataspin

    Finally a Palsapp update!

    Now you get the most excruciating 10-14 days you can imagine.
  13. balataspin

    Bolt Outselling Mach E

    It's not a demand issue, it's a supply issue for the mach-e.
  14. balataspin

    Mach-E's in New York

    We're train twins! Mine was just outside of Cleveland Monday at 1pm. Waiting for an update from my salesman.
  15. balataspin

    Time Line of my Order

    If you are real bored and hitting refresh non stop (me) you will quickly start to notice once your Mach E is in Kansas City it will move about 70-80 miles a day on average to the final destination.
  16. balataspin

    Time Line of my Order

    My time line is near identical to this. Arrived in Kansas City on 6/17. Waiting anxiously.
  17. balataspin

    Reserved, Ordered, Delivered, Sold - No Mach-E - No call from Dealer !!

    I saw that too, that was the first question that popped in my head.
  18. balataspin

    Mach-E's in New York

    My Rapid Red Premium AWD ER should be showing up any day now at Van Bortel in Rochester, this 7 month wait has been brutal.